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Bonni Lee Hayes, 53, of Sugar Land, Texas has died of a brain tumor after fighting a four-year battle that began with breast cancer. Hayes is survived by her 18-yr.-old son, Charlie Hayes who lives with his father in Sugar Land.

Those who knew Bonni will remember her laughter, wit and her creative flair. Her Christmas cookies were a colorful vision of beauty...angels with green flowing gowns and blue eyes, toy soldiers with red icing uniforms and yellow buttons. Adults could never eat them because it would be like munching on a Monet. Children on the other hand would devour the treats with the belief that something so beautiful must be delicious.

Always at the ready to host a party or attend one, Bonni was as social as they come. Her simple home was inviting and a fun gathering place for her many friends from Thoreau Unitarian Church, located in Stafford.

Bonni was passionate about the topic of pluralism and cultural diversity. She adopted her son, Charlie, as an infant in 1986 and made it her mission to teach him about his African American heritage and open the minds of the Houston community to embracing people of all colors.

A plaque that hangs in the entryway of Bonni's home reads, "We welcome people of any nationality, sexual orientation, religion and race."

Bonni was born in New Jersey and moved with her family to North Platte, Nebraska. She attended the University of Nebraska and was bitten by the Cornhusker bug. Red became her favorite color and Bob Devany, her favorite coach. Bonni lived in Colorado during the 1970s where she worked for Le Petite catering company and graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a BA degree. She moved to Texas in 1980 working for a variety of organizations; Houston Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Riceland Regional Mental Health Authority and St. Agnes Academy.

Additional survivors include Bonni's parents Henry and Vera Cranford of Aurora, Colorado; sisters, Nancy Miller of Windsor, Colorado and Shelley Miller of San Diego.

A memorial service will be held 9:30 a.m., Fri. Oct. 15 at St. Agnes Academy Chapel, 9000 Bellaire Blvd., Houston, TX 77036.

In lieu of flowers, donations will be accepted in Bonni's name to Henry David Thoreau Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Bend County, 3945 Greenbriar, Suite D/E, Stafford, TX 77477, (281) 277-TUUC, www.tuuc.org



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