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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


She’s here.......The foreign exchange student I am hosting for the next two semesters has finally arrived. Her name is Katharina and she is from Stuttgart, Germany.

I was thinking as I was waiting at the airport for her to arrive that this was akin to having a baby. None of the pain, but the excitement of waiting to see what she looks like, how she sounds, what she likes and dislikes, all the things associated with a new individual in your life.

Many of my relatives have laughed about the fact that for years I ran the “Bev Carter Finishing School,” when various nieces and cousins would spend the summer, or longer, with me and work for the newspaper. They claim that whereby the standard finishing school is supposed to polish the rough edges, my finishing school sharpens up the rough edges.

Of course, I think I am the epitome of genteel manners. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but I feel I get my young charges ready to make their way in the real world and not put up with any guff.

In keeping with my long-standing habit of pushing work at the Star, maybe I can persuade her to write a little of her experiences here. But in any event, I’m sure you will hear more about my experiences with a teenager after all these years. I told her that rather than being her “host mother,” I was her “host grandmother.”

Cell phones in school zones....There’s some confusion about the new law that provides for a fine if you use a cell phone in school zones. According to information I have received, the ban is in effect only during the school zone hours when the school is in session. Here is a little more clarification from the Sugar Land Police Department: “School crossing zone” means a reduced-speed zone designated on a street by a local authority to facilitate safe crossing of the street by children going to or leaving a public or private elementary or secondary school during the time the reduced speed limit applies.

However, studies have shown time and again that using a cell phone while driving, even using a hands free instrument, is dangerous because the driver is distracted.

When I try to use my cell phone when driving, I drive all over the road. I know that people behind me think I’m weaving due to some other influence. I’ve simply had to quit (mostly).

Whoops......I mentioned last week that you can buy Fort Bend Fair tickets online but might want to buy them from the Queen candidates.
However, you can buy your Fort Bend Fair Tickets on line from the queen candidates only. Go to http://www.fbcfa.org/fair_queen.htm

Pre-fair tickets are discounted so to save some money, go online and buy early.

Campaign finance.....The last county commissioner who I haven’t yet covered is newly elected Precinct 1 Commissioner Richard Morrison.
Morrison was late turning in his report. It was due July 15, but he didn’t turn it in until July 28. I called him and left a message that I was heading to the courthouse and if he hurried he could beat me. Well, it didn’t scare him. He didn’t turn his report in for two more weeks.

Since this is his first report since his election, I couldn’t tell just a whole lot about how he is going to treat this whole business of campaign finance.

He’s already gotten on the vendor contribution list (doesn’t take long) with contributions like Andrews Kurth for $1,000, TREPAC (real estate) for $1,000, Jim Gonzales for $2,500, and Perdue Brandan, et al for $1,000, and James Dennabaum for $1,500 are among a few he has received.

He didn’t spend much, paying himself back for a loan and a few contributions and campaign expenses. He reported $15,000 contributions, $10,000 expenses, and $6,682 left over. He also reported that he still has a loan of $2346. We’ll compare next report.

Some readers have been asking me to look at city official reports. I don’t usually do those because city officeholders aren’t professional politicians. They can’t live on the stipend they receive so I usually cut them a lot of slack. I’ll look at the situation and report back if warranted.

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