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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Rod Blagojevich was busy.....Monday morning my telephone started ringing early like recess in Hell. I heard from people I haven’t heard from in years. Their breaking news was that disgraced politician (an oxymoron) Tom DeLay would be on “Dancing with the Stars.” It immediately reminded me of the preeminent lyric from the “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” when a number by Charles Durning stole the show. It was called the “Side Step.” Google it on your computer machine and listen. It will make you smile all over again.

“I’m a poor boy, come to greatness. So, it follows that I cannot tell a lie.
Oooh, I love to dance a little sidestep, now they see me now they don’t-
I’ve come and gone and,

Oooh, I love to sweep around the wide step,

Cut a little swathe and lead the people on.

I’m for goodness and for profit and for living clean and saying daily prayer.
You can trust me, for I promise, I shall keep a watchful eye upon ya’ll...
Oooh, I love to dance a little sidestep, now they see me now they don’t-
I’ve come and gone and,

Oooh, I love to sweep around the wide step,

Cut a little swathe and lead the people on.

Susan DuQuesnay was my first caller. I asked her if Tom was that willing to embarrass himself on nationwide television. She reminded me that Tom had already embarrassed himself on nationwide television many times.
All Tom lacked when he was in the U.S. House of Representatives was sequeins and spandex. Now he will have even that. And it just goes to show that he will do anything for a buck or attention.
We already know how far “Dancing” will go.

Campaign finance reports are as truthful as..... Here’s what I don’t understand about politicans’ campaign finance reports. If you are going to just make up numbers, why don’t you at least make up numbers that balance. Now that is really dumb.

I heard from Judge Bob apologist Mrs. Pat, his wife and campaign treasurer, who attempted to answer my question about buying charity auction items with campaign money. She said:

... in response to your comment in the “Star” about personal checks to the charities I wanted to explain what is done in Bob ‘s campaign account on auction items. If the payment is a donation to the non-profit such as sponsorships, tickets to events and some auction items that are not used for personal use, we do write a campaign check for the full amount; however, any item purchased at an auction that will be used by Bob such as a dinner for two, or an autographed football, we must use a personal check to pay the charity the fair market value of the item, and that amount is not tax-deductible.

It is against the law to use campaign funds for personal use. Therefore, non-profits will sometimes receive campaign and personal checks for the same auction item depending on what was purchased and how it is to be used. I hope this clarifies the matter. Call if you have any further questions.


I guess she told me.

Cell phones blues, again.... I’ve been a customer of Verizion since it was GTE and a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the problems I had about getting a new phone although they advertise they will give you one for free every two years. I had the same phone for about four-six years. But because I wanted a phone not exactly on my “anniversary date,” they didn’t want to give me a free phone. The resulting column I wrote about that really opened up a can of worms. I got more letters about cell phone companies, mostly Verizion, than any other topic I’ve covered. Well, maybe except Homeowner’s Associations.
Here’s an example:

Dear Bev,

Your column “Cell Phone Blues” in the Wednesday, August 5 edition is all too familiar.

Several months ago when my trusty Motorola stopped working properly, I visited two different local phone stores with my carrier’s name on them. I was eligible for an equipment upgrade and wanted a “free” phone. It quickly became obvious that the personnel were totally uninterested in helping me when they discovered that I was not a new customer. ie,: they work on commission and my issue and yours is a waste of their time because they don’t make any money and customer service means nothing to these folks.

Just as you did, I went home and got online where I found a nice, (free but not fancy, as in I-phone) phone which met my needs quite well, had it shipped and did all the things I had to do to get it activated when it arrived. I also talked to a live customer service rep and was able to get all of the associated taxes and charges credited back as a customer loyalty reward, so it really is a free phone. As I have no plans to change carriers for the next two (or twenty) years, this will work out nicely.

Unfortunately, no matter how much we wish to shop locally, there are things which we can actually do better online now, and this is a perfect example. BTW, you should have 30 days to exchange your phone for another if you don’t like it, so you’re not stuck with something that isn’t a good fit for you!!


Judy Hill, Sugar Land

What was he doing there anyway?.....Sheriff Milton Wright appeared at a fund-raiser for Troy Nehls and was publicly insulted by a former deputy. He is actively supporting Craig Brady for sheriff in 3 1/2 years. Everyone knows Nehls is also running for sheriff but can’t announce because he would have to automatically resign his constable job.

I wondered aloud to the sheriff why he was there and he says Nehls gave him tickets. I also asked him what he felt about the insult and he said people have been speculating for 29 years about him and a certain female ex-JP. Sheriff Wright is married. Sheriff Wright said he had told the ex-JP who is also president of the Rose-Rich Lions club that she “oughter” sue the various accusers.

Can you believe?.......The Fort Bend Country Fair is almost upon us. You can already buy tickets now onliine, but the Fair Queen is chosen, partly, by how many tickets she sells. You might want to wait and buy from your favorite fair queen contestant.

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