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Fort Bend County, At Large
By Cheryl Skinner

This column expresses the personal opinions/views of the writer. If you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column, write a SIGNED letter to the editor. Name can be withheld by request with a valid day time phone number.


Ticket and tow

The courthouse crowd seems to be all in a flurry about the plan, approved last week by commissioners, to ticket and tow illegally parked vehicles.

While it sounded, at least to me, like the top officials kind of felt it was Richmond Police Department’s responsibility to issue citations to anyone parked in a “no parking” designated area, which is simply not the case.

RPD has said for years they can only issue citations for city violations. They did write tickets to those parked in “handicap” zones, but the unofficial “judges are going to get miffed so don’t park here” areas (and there are many) just won’t fly.

I have to admit I was once called out of a court hearing by Lt. Mary Charles at the courthouse, seems I had unknowingly parked in a space reserved exclusively for Judge Susan Lowery’s parking slot.

It was just a day or so after the county reserved all the cushy spots right in front of the Travis Building for judges and other top ranking county officials. That parking area used to be for the public, at least most of it.

Sometimes you had to drive around the complex a dozen or more times to get one of those treasured spots, but that changed.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting the main courthouse knows that on Monday and Tuesday you have to pack a lunch and wear hiking shoes. There are not enough parking spots to handle the huge amount of traffic.

We’ve been promised that the new judicial complex on Ransom Road will have adequate parking to handle the crowds and the officials.

My suggestion is to build the parking garage first. Then use one of the county’s mini-busses to shuttle jurors and visitors to the Travis Building.

Since that won’t fly, just watch out because now violators will be ticketed or towed.

Vintage cars

If you are short of ideas on how to spend this weekend, look no further.

Rosenberg is hosting the annual Spring Fling that offers a close up look at vintage cars of the past and since this has been an annual event for 31 years there are some very old cars.

The two day fling includes fun and games for the entire family. There will be a raffle as well.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see this event, make plans to do so as the vintage cars have been brought back to their original splendor and are quite a thing to see.

The Spring Fling is held at the KC Hall in Rosenberg and runs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, April 4 and from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, April 5.

The KC Hall is located on Highway 36 in Rosenberg just past the Rosenberg Convention and Tourist offices.



Contact skinnerc1@tconline.net, if you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column. Write a SIGNED letter to the editor with valid day time phone number--name can be withheld by request.

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