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Nick's Pics
Nick Nicholson
Film & Home Entertainment Critic

This column expresses the personal opinions/views of the writer. If you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column, write a SIGNED letter to the editor. Name can be withheld by request with a valid day time phone number.



Coming soon to a theater and drive-in near you: Alien Trespass, a thrilling sci-fi adventure from three-time Golden Globe winner and five time Emmy Award-nominated director and producer R.W. Goodwin. Alien Trespass is an exciting and entertaining homage to the great science-fiction movies of the 1950s, the post-war boom period when the country was filled with great hope and prosperity and, at the same time, lived under the threat of nuclear annihilation. The story begins in 1957 in the star-filled skies above California’s Mojave Desert. It is a special night for noted astronomer Ted Lewis (Eric McCormack), who is preparing a special dinner for his beautiful, adoring wife Lana (Jody Thompson) to celebrate their wedding anniversary. In another part of town, Tammy (Jenni Baird), a waitress at the small local diner with big plans for the future, looks out her window and is excited to see a shooting star, which she takes as a good sign for her dreams. But what Dr. Lewis and Tammy assume is a shooting star, is really an alien spaceship. The fiery ball hurtles toward earth and crash-lands on a butte in the desert. The only witnesses are Dick (Andrew Dunbar) and Penny (Sarah Smyth) who are necking in a nearby lovers’ lane. A tall, metallic alien named Urp emerges from the craft unharmed, alarmed to discover that the monstrous Ghota, who was also on board, has escaped. The menacing one-eyed creature’s unquenchable appetite could mean the end of civilization as we know it. Urp is the only one who knows how to stop the hideous extra-terrestrial, but to do so he has to take over the body of Dr. Lewis and enlist the aid of Tammy, the only human in town willing to believe and trust in his mission. The local police - including police Chief Dawson (Dan Lauria) and officer Vernon (Robert Patrick) - are confirmed skeptics and offer little help. Together, Urp and Tammy must hunt down the Ghota and neutralize it before it consumes all the local inhabitants and uses the human fuel to multiply and conquer the world! Alien Trespass stars Eric McCormack, Jenni Baird, Dan Lauria and Robert Patrick. The co-stars are Jody Thompson, Aaron Brooks, Sarah Smyth, Andrew Dunbar, Tom McBeath, Vincent Gale, Jerry Wasserman, Jonathan Young and Michael Roberds. The film was directed and produced by R.W. Goodwin from a screenplay by Steven Fisher and a story by James Swift and Steven Fisher.

When I first heard about this particular film, I began to get sick to

my stomach. Why on earth would a studio want another Ed Wood style film? After screening the film and interviewing the director, boy was I wrong! This film is a wonderful tribute to a time gone bye. One of the aspects of this film that helped sell the concept was that the detain in this picture is impeccable. Everything from the rubber alien to the cars and clothing just screamed the 50’s! The picture’s director, R.W. Goodwin explained his objective from the get-go. “It was very important to me that we create a picture that would take people back to the years gone bye, but keep the seriousness of the film intact. All the actors were on board with this vision, which helped sell them on the project.” With R.W. Goodwin behind this project, the brains behind the X-Files, how could you question his judgement? Mr Goodwin has created a film that will definitely stand the test of time and will pick up a large cult following, without question. This film is great entertainment for the entire family.

Alien Trespass

Starring: Eric McCormack, Jenni Baird & Dan Lauria

Director: R.W. Goodwin

Company: Roadside Attractions

Now Showing: In area Theatres

MPAA Rating: PG

Grade: A-

DVD Picks


The smart and charming tradition of Disney’s live-action adventures continues on in this film about two psychic orphans who head for Witch Mountain to escape evil and discover their true identities. Unfortunately, their unusual abilities attract the attention of a greedy industrialist, who quickly tries to capture them for his own profit. But the plucky duo soon escape, intent on finding their real home and discovering the secret to their magical powers. This Disney classic was adapted from a novel by Alexander Key.

L’ Innocente - Koch Lorber

In this, his final film, Visconti delicately paints a lavish tragedy about a wealthy Sicilian whose neglected wife takes revenge on him. An erotic and passionate epic based on the novel by Gabriele D’Annunzio.


As exciting and immersive as any other wildlife docu-series, Animal Planet’s Raw Nature holds the distinction of being observed, experienced, and told from the layman’s perspective without sacrificing the knowledge and insights of the top minds of the animal-research field. Join a group of talented filmmakers, none of which are animal experts, as they traverse the globe and meet with a host of wildlife professionals in the midst of various projects aiming to preserve animals and their habitats. This set includes all five parts of the series.


Stepping out of his sidekick role on Late Night with Conan O’Brian, Andy Richter moved off the couch and into an office chair as a hapless corporate copywriter in this short-lived sitcom. While his days may have been spent producing lifeless prose for instructional manuals, Andy’s overactive imagination--and aspirations to be a short-story writer--relieved the tedium of his day job and added a surreal overlay to the workplace comedy.

TO CATCH A THIEF - Paramount

A supposedly reformed cat burglar, out to prove himself innocent of a recent crime spree, tries to capture the thief who’s terrifying the French Riviera. Cary Grant is devastatingly elegant as the reformed thief, John Robie, and charming enough to attract the attention of the lovely Frances Stevens (Grace Kelly), a wealthy and spoiled American traveling the Riviera with her widowed mother (Jessie Royce Landis). However, things do not begin on a romantic note. Robie is more interested in clearing his name than in pursuing the beautiful American, but the two will not go their separate ways so easily. When Mrs. Stevens has her jewels stolen, the snubbed Frances puts the police on Robie’s trail. Now the dashing Robie will have to win the confidence and assistance of Frances if he is to ever set things right.


Six months after a devastating tsunami hit South Asia, Muslim-American and Sri Lankan born Dr. M. Rahmi Mowjood led a team of American doctors and medical students on a relief trip to Sri Lanka. While mentoring medical students and aiding injured villagers, Dr. Mowjood also finds a way to ask someone to become a member of his own family. A brilliant film that will tug at your heartstrings, Becoming Family should definitely not be missed!

GROOM LAKE - E1 Entertainment

The story centers around a young couple, Kate (Amy Acker) and Andy (Dan Gauthier), who go to Groom Lake in order to spend their last days together, because Kate is dying. Soon they become witnesses of alien activity around the area and have to cope with strangely obsessed people who have been influenced by the aliens. Meanwhile, John Gossner (William Shatner), the captain of a military base involved with the aliens has to cope with the administration, which wants to cancel his work. “Groom Lake” is a low - budget independent movie, which is unfortunately quite obvious in a couple of scenes. Especially the special effects. A strong story, an unpredictable puzzle that keeps the audience excited from the beginning to the end and a wonderful performance by Amy Acker raise this movie high above average. The main message of the movie is also very touching and probably the most important aspect for William Shatner, who dedicated the film to his late wife Nerine.

WATCHMEN: The Complete Motion Comic: Blu-ray - Warner

Alan Moore’s Watchmen is given sound and movement in this video version of the critically acclaimed comic book. Under the supervision of original illustrator Dave Gibbons, the 12-chapter series has voice actors translating the comic’s dialogue balloons into speech, while digital zooms, pans, and some animation effects take viewers further inside the story than ever before. First distributed on iTunes, and scheduled for DVD release just days before the 2009 feature film by Zach Snyder, Watchmen - Motion Comics offers a helpful intro to Alan Moore’s dystopian world of dark superheroes. Set in a 1980s-era America where masked heroes have their talents banned, the sprawling story begins when someone starts taking down the former heroes one by one--and a mysterious character named Rorschach begins to investigate.


As if Spider-Man didn’t have enough to worry about with the emergence of several members of the Sinister Six (including Rhino, Shocker, and The Sandman), he’s got an even bigger problem once he takes the suit off and becomes mild-mannered Peter Parker: there’s no one to take to the fall formal! This second volume of episodes from the animated children’s series that began in 2008 is full of web-slinging fun.


Daniel Craig returns as 007 in this electrifying follow-up to the critically acclaimed Casino Royale. The film opens with two gripping, back-to-back chases, as James Bond (Daniel Craig) tries to heed the orders of M (Judi Dench) and, at the same time, track down the people who blackmailed his love, Vesper. Bond is still struggling with Vesper’s death, displaying a new, ferocious violence in his work, and a recklessness that M would very much like to get under control. When Bond discovers a massive, secret organization called Quantum, he believes it might have been a part of the scheme that killed Vesper. He follows the clues to Haiti, where he meets Camille (Olga Kurylenko), a mysterious, driven woman, whose motives seem unclear. Camille leads Bond to Dominic Greene (Mathieu Almalric), a cold-blooded businessman who appears to be working within Quantum. Greene wants control of a valuable piece of land in Latin America, and is part of a massive plan to overthrow the government. Bond knifes, shoots, and kick-boxes his way to the center of the sinister scheme, and discovers that the plot reaches even higher than he imagined, forcing him to abandon M’s orders and step out on his own.


Packed full of rippling muscles and mythic creatures, this Herculean collection includes eight B-movie romps featuring the son of Jove. The set kicks off with the 1959 classic Hercules (starring Steve Reeves in the role that made him famous) and rounds out with Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules; Hercules the Avenger; Hercules and the Black Pirate; Hercules and the Captive Woman; Hercules, Prisoner of Evil; Hercules and the Princess of Troy; and Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops. The consummate set for the Hercules fan, this is must own for you!

Contact Filmlords@gmail.com if you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column. Write a SIGNED letter to the editor with valid day time phone number--name can be withheld by request.

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