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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


What’s going on in the DA’s office......If you’ve read the front page of this newspaper, you know that the six-day trial of Fulshear Mayor Jamie Roberts found him not guilty of the one misdemeanor charge he was eventually tried for. The felony theft charge of “stealing” two old carports was dismissed before the trial because the man claiming the theft from his property had died. The other misdemeanor charge of official oppression was dismissed by the judge. The jury deliberated less than an hour to find Roberts not guilty of the last misdemeanor charge of ordering a survey of the property owned by the claimant at the city of Fulshear’s $1,100 expense.

Roberts said, and District Attorney John Healey admitted, that an offer was made to Roberts that if he would resign as mayor, all charges would be dropped.

The real crime of this whole thing is tying up a courtroom, judge, jury, various clerks, and two assistant district attorneys for six days to hear something as petty as this.

Amid charges that police reports were misplaced and never shown to the defense as was an affidavit from another man who claimed the carports were really his, several have called for an investigation of the DA’s office.

Rumor has it that the investigating officer from the Fort Bend Sheriff’s department has been busted back to jailer. Wonder if she was one of the ones who received the anonymous $1,000 gift? Although I’m glad if any of our uniforms receive extra money, there is something that still smells about that quarter million dollar donation.

This was not Assistant District Attorney Mike Elliott’s first rodeo. Theft charges against a group of roofers who quit working for Elliott’s friend who owns Holden Roofing took two years to resolve and all charges were dropped right before the trials.

Healey is being blamed for not reigning in Elliott and questions are being raised as to why not.  But the most serious actions many are contemplating is opposing Healey’s re-election two years hence.

This incident makes you wonder how many people have been charged and punished for crimes for which they did not have the financial wherewithal to defend themselves against.

This particular incident is just one of the troubling events I’ve seen occur in the District Attorney’s office in the past years.

I’m worried about....... Just like the bankers and mortgage executives who took huge bonuses while their companies were going down in flames, I’m worried that the stimulus money will have to “trickle down” through many sticky fingers before it finally reaches the places where it may do some good.

I would really be mad if several years from now we find out the various bureaucrats and their private partners ended up with most of the money in their Cayman bank accounts.

Bush’s three page order and Obama’s 1,000 page plan are all fine and good, but unless we have someone watching where the money is going and how it’s being spent, we might as well throw it down a rat hole.

What a scam....I keep hearing these ads for a soup that has less then 100 calories or something like that. Since I like soup and would like to lose a few pounds, I bought a few cans. Imagine my surprise when I opened the first can and figured out they had less calories because they are mostly broth! No wonder they have less calories. Water is cheap.

Please shop locally.....Don’t forget that money you spend locally circulates as many as seven times throughout the area. So look to your local merchants, particularly those “mom and pop” shops, to keep Fort Bend’s economy vibrant. Don’t be worrying about those “big box” stores. Their  money leaves Fort Bend and is deposited in a New York or Chicago bank before nightfall.

Contact bkcstar@earthlink.net, if you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column. Write a SIGNED letter to the editor with valid day time phone number--name can be withheld by request.

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