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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Petty is as petty does.....I’ll admit it seems petty. Our country is facing trillions in debt and bailout money. We are at war on at least two fronts and these wars may be spreading to adjoining countries. So Sarah Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe, purchased by the Republican National committee, is a silly worry.

But I contend that the purchase of her fancy wardrobe is endemic of what is wrong with the Republican party today.

She has been packaged as a “hockey mom” and a great champion of family values and frugal spending. She has used the term “Joe Six Pack” multiple times in her stumping around the country, implying that she emphasized with that segment of society.

So here we have the Republicans shelling out for a $150,000 wardrobe for her to wear to preach to us about “Joe Six Pack” and Hockey Moms.

That is so typical of the hypocrisy of the Republican Party. Preach financial responsibility and tax cuts (for millionaires we discovered) but act differently.

Sarah Palin is a strong woman and politician. I don’t agree with many of her ultra conservative views, but there is no doubt that she has been a powerful force.

She has been ill used by the McCain campaign. But to call the comments about her expensive wardrobe “sexiest” is ridiculous. We certainly spoke voraciously about Bill Clinton and John Edward’s expensive haircuts.

America is on the precipice of a seismic shift. We have nominated a black man (hey, you racist, console yourself that he’s half white) as president of the United States, and it looks as if he will win. He beat Hillary Clinton in states that had about four black citizens. His candidacy has reached across racial lines and attracted all races.

People have rejected the hypocrisy of the Bush administration and McCain’s choice of poor Sarah Palin as his running mate was a swipe at Obama that has backfired. She was trotted out as a sop to the evangelical base and touted as the savior of the party. Then after a few train wreck interviews, she was muzzled and given talking points. When she deviated, a rumor campaign, started by the McCain team, floated that she had gone “rogue.”

I made my decision to vote for Barack Obama several weeks ago. As we get nearer to the election, I’ve not regretted my decision at all.


Contact bkcstar@earthlink.net, if you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column. Write a SIGNED letter to the editor with valid day time phone number--name can be withheld by request.

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