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CHS Junior - Student Columnist
By Stephanie Madden

This column expresses the personal opinions/views of the writer. If you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column, write a SIGNED letter to the editor. Name can be withheld by request with a valid day time phone number.

The Chase

Having no school for the past week has really given me some good time to catch up on some television shows and mess up my sleeping schedule. As well as the issues going on after Ike, which everyone is talking about, I have heard a lot of stories good and bad. Hopefully most people have power by now, or a friend that will share their power. As well as time to sleep I have also had time to injure myself and listen to lots of new songs.

This Sunday I had a little mishap involving a race to complete my outfit and a collision with a banister upstairs. There was a pair of pants I wanted on the other side of the hallway, and I knew my sister wanted the same pair, she walked out of her room and as soon as she looked me in the eye I knew the race was on. I was in such a mad rush that I made a sprint for my bedroom and forgot to look where I was going. Before I knew it I had run hip-first into the banister and immediately rolled over in pain. Of course, between you and I, I was really upset because my sister won out and got to the pants before me.

This little event was literally a crushing defeat for me, and I certainly learned my lesson about looking where Iím going, something I probably should have learned a long time ago. It is times like this though, when I get to spend a lot of quality time in the house with my sister that I remember the times I have fallen over and and hurt myself during similar chases, except I was a lot younger.

I guess sometimes just when you think youíre growing up something happens that makes you feel like a little kid again. I know there were a lot of scared people during and after the hurricane, but the effort afterwards helps us realize that community can act as a second family. Despite disagreements everyone may have about how the situation was handled, it is a great thing that neighbors were helping each other. Coming from a community where we are fortunate enough to not have too many disasters happen to all of us as a whole. I think it is comforting to know that we can all be a great help to each other when something big happens.

Of course when it comes to family it is a whole different story because my sister and I will never stop chasing after each other and falling over, but you always know that those closest to you will be there when it matters the most.

I hope everyone recovers from what we all experienced this past week and can get back to business again. There is nothing better than finally receiving air conditioning again and helping out those who need a helping hand.


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