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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Up jumped the devil.....Or I told you so. In a story which first appeared in the daily newspaper across the Brazos River, it appears that soon-to-retire Justice of the Peace Ike Fredrickson’s staff have poked a stick at Constable A.J. Dorr’s wife, Sandra, who works next door to the J.P. office in Needville for Constable Dorr. I won’t go into details about the fuss because you can read it on the front page of this paper in a story by Cheryl Skinner, but I do want to weigh in about something that happened 12 years ago.

Shortly after Dorr was elected constable in 1996, I complained in this column that his wife worked for him and that it didn’t pass the smell test.

Dorr threw a wall-eyed hissy fit and called me several times to tell me that his wife had been “grandfathered” in because she had worked for the previous constable, that the Attorney General had issued a ruling to the effect that she could work there but couldn’t get a promotion or raise (except what other county employees got) and as long as he, Dorr, wasn’t her direct supervisor. So he made his chief deputy her direct supervisor. Big Whoop! Like his chief deputy is going to chastise his boss’ wife.

I told Constable Dorr at the time that it might be all fine and dandy with the Attorney General but that it didn’t pass the “smell” test, and someday it was going to bite him in the butt.

I feel no sympathy for him now. They both knew better.

Another thing that ticks me off about the Dorr situation is the fact that he--A.J.--jumps to her defense. That’s another problem with hiring a man’s wife. He jumps out to defend her when she should be able to defend herself. If A.J. Dorr is as “hands off” as the Attorney General says he should be, why is he jumping in the middle of other officials about his wife?

And it’s not like jobs are scarce.....If Mrs. Dorr wanted to continue to work for the county, it would have been easy for her to get someone in another department to hire her. Of course, she would have a boss she wasn’t sleeping with.

County jobs aren’t hard to come by if you know someone. I can’t tell you how many jobs the county has that people work at part time but get paid what I consider a full time salary.

I’m not talking about some clerks or assistants. I’m talking about friends of county officials who make $50,000 a year doing “contract” or “consultant” work with all the benefits and minimum hours. It’s enough to make you sick.

Whether the county needs those “Friends of So and So” is a question that whoever hired them will loudly defend.

What is sort of funny about this whole Needville thing is that County Commissioner Tom Stavinoha and Justice of the Peace Ike Fredrickson are neither on the ballot in November. They are free to move about the county and say anything they want to with no political repercussions.

Finally, honest politicians.

Wonder about those 9-1-1 calls.....Don’t you find it odd that the Internal Affairs officer at the Fort Bend Sheriff’s department has recently gotten a big raise? You do know that the Internal Affairs officer investigates any breaches of whatever that a county sheriff’s department officer makes.

So if you complain that you were mistreated by the Fort Bend Sheriff’s department, it will be investigated by an officer that just got a raise personally argued for by the sheriff hisownself. Interesting.

Not only is the fox watching the chickens over there, the fox is exceedingly well-fed. Keeps him from eating the chickens.

It’s absolutely not true.....According to the mayor, city manager, and city attorney, Missouri City has not been turned down for a liquor license for its new municipal golf course. According to these elected officials, the rumor that the city was turned down because a member of the city council had someone living at their house who has a felony is a rumor started by a bunch of thirsty golfers.

I asked about the propriety of the city getting a liquor license in the first place and learned that many municipal courses have one because it is a profit center and golfers will play elsewhere if they can’t buy beer.

Officials say they are working on getting a license by setting up a non-profit corporation with city official board members.

One of the reasons they cite for using a non-profit is that council members come and go. I’m not sure how true that rings because if that is the case, the council members serving on the non-profit come and go also.

I’m not accusing any official of not telling me the truth, but my sources of the rumor are pretty reliable. I hope I don’t have to print another “I told you so.”

Oh, who am I kidding? I love to write “I told you sos.”

The week from......Hundreds of readers (well, okay....two) have asked why I didn’t write a column last week. The reason is that I poked a stick in my eye. I was doing some yard work and somehow poked a sago palm spike in my eye on Sunday. I didn’t go to the eye doctor until Monday. I had been mad at my eye doctor because the last time I was at his office, I had to wait for over an hour.

I get so angry at doctors who can’t keep their appointments. I’ve often said that if beauty operators, who don’t even usually have a college degree (except from beauty college) can keep their appointments, then why can’t doctors with advanced degrees and hot and cold running nurses, keep their appointments running on time.

Well, I’m not mad at my eye doctor any more. He saved my eye which had a scratch laterally across my cornea. And he made it quit hurting.

So here I was with hampered eyesight and news editor Jean Sandlin is on vacation. This means that not only did I not write my column, I edited last week’s paper with one eye.

I’m sorry to go on and on about this, but as we get older, we love to talk about our illnesses. I’m afraid you might hear more and more of this same kind of talk in the future.


Contact bkcstar@earthlink.net, if you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column. Write a SIGNED letter to the editor with valid day time phone number--name can be withheld by request.

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