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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


By Carter Fredrickson

My mommy and daddy are on bacation this week and my brother Jack and me are staying with my grandma, BeBe, but she doesnít like it when you call her grandma.

She is so tired this week from playing with me and Jack that she said I had to write her column.

Since mommy and daddy are on bacation this week, BeBe took us to Galveston for our very own bacation.

We started our bacation in Meadows Place where BeBe was the leader in the parade. She rode in a thing called a rickshaw and let Jack and me ride in it with her. I had never seen a rickshaw before but BeBe said she would be in the Meadows Place parade if the mayor would peddle her on a rickshaw.

The mayor got to ride on a horsey wagon but he found someone to peddle us on the rickshaw. It didnít go very fast because I think the police chief who was driving the fire truck in front didnít know how to drive it and it took him a long time.

I wanted to go faster. I think I would have rather been on the horsey wagon or at least the red car with no top that Charlie Howard got to ride in. BeBe said he was a very important man and she hugged him before the parade started. I think they had been fussing before.

BeBe tried to make me and Jack wave to the people watching the parade but I told her it wasnít my job and I didnít wave any. Jack is a baby and he waved all the time.

BeBe sure spent a lot of time talking to the man who was peddling the rickshaw. My aunt Anya tole me she was flirting, a grown up word I donít know.

BeBe was having a real good time, and I heard one woman ask who was the parade marshal this year and the other woman said, ďOh, itís THAT Bev Carter.Ē

It was a real good parade. There was Uncle Sam, two fire trucks, some horsey carriages, a band, and a whole bunch of politicians.

That night we went to a fireworks display. BeBe didnít know which one to go to as every city was having one. She said next year she was going to do something she called an open records request to find out beforehand which city was spending the most money and go to that one as they all had an equal number of mosquitoes.

We saw some pretty big fireworks in Sugar Land. Jack would only look at them if they were red, his favorite color. If they were another color, he put his hands over his eyes.

Then the next day we went to Galveston and spent the night in a big hotel with BeBe and Anya. Me and Jack had a good time opening and closing the curtains with a button and I learned how to lock my puppet I made out of a paper sack in a safe and open it back up. Jack is a baby and couldnít read the numbers. BeBe said I had a future as a safecracker. I like Ritz crackers better.

BeBe took us to the beach and we had fun jumping on a bouncy thing at the hotel. We went out to eat and to the hotel swimming pool. Me and Jack had rather stay in the hotel and watch Cartoon Network and play with the curtains.

BeBe doesnít have to take out her teeth at night like some of my friends tell me their grandma does. Maybe thatís why I canít call her grandma. But she says itís right around the corner.

The next morning we went to the Litterbomb next door. It was really fun but there were too many people. There were pirate ships with slides and the water was cool. I had to keep an eye on Jack because he runs off real fast and BeBe says she is too old to run after him.

I donít mind because when I catch him I get to yank his collar.

After Litterbomb we came home and BeBe has been in bed ever since.

BeBe said I could tell you about how happy some people in Missouri City are about their golf course. I didnít know you had horseys on the golf course but BeBe said everybody was giddyup about the deal. Maybe she said giddy.

Anyway it was funny about how much fun former club members like Dr. Ed at Ed's Pharmacy (I don't think he's a real doctor, but BeBe calls him that) and his golf friends had playing golf for free the day the city took it over.

BeBe said she heard the men who were running the golf course were paying themselves $25,000 a month for salary even though they were running the course into the ground. Why, they couldnít even mow the yard!

I hope BeBe isnít so tired next week. Writing this column is fun but Iíd rather be playing or terrorizing Jack.


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