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CHS Junior - Student Columnist
By Stephanie Madden

This column expresses the personal opinions/views of the writer. If you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column, write a SIGNED letter to the editor. Name can be withheld by request with a valid day time phone number.

Trip to the Emerald Isle

My wild adventure began with a trip that was potentially dangerous, definitely long and treacherous, and would more than likely make my ears pop a few times. The trip was my long flight overseas; my destinations were Paris, and then Dublin, where I would meet my family and begin my three week adventure to Ireland. It is the perfect beginning to a hot Texas summer; we have headed to a colder country with lots of rain.

I had everything packed a day before we left, not that I was concerned about being prepared for the trip, I just spent the day out with my friends. I packed everything I had, which entails mostly summer clothing... which has not helped me so far considering the sixty degree temperature. Along with my summer clothing I brought about five pairs of shoes, which probably made up half of the weight of our luggage. Even though three girls all shared two large suitcases we still managed to meet the weight requirement, which I was very happy to hear, because that meant I did not have to take any of my clothes out. I brought a little travel backpack, with just a few things such as a book and make-up and a hair brush, making sure not put anything in that I would have to take out at the security checks.

Luckily, going through the airport was really smooth at both of our stops, and we made all of our flights on time. My little sisters’ teddy even got stuck in the hand luggage machine at one point and one of the airport personnel had to pull it out, which was a funny sight. After the security check I had some time to have a bite to eat; I ate some chicken, because it is my absolute favorite. After having something to eat it was time to get on the plane and get ready for some cold weather and a mixed up clock because Ireland is 6 hours ahead. The flight overseas was extremely long, as they always are, but I really enjoyed sleeping for most of the flight.

The landing was bumpy, due to the extremely windy conditions, and I was really glad when the plane touched down on the runway. We were greeted with the wind cutting across our faces and cold rain to match. I was not surprised by the weather though, it is just a typical Irish summer; a few weeks of sunshine and a long summer of rain. Regardless of the weather, I am glad to see all my family again and enjoy the Irish countryside.

The journey was long, but extremely successful, and I ultimately reached my destination; Dublin. We will not be here for long though, because we will be travelling to my home town to attend my cousins’ wedding. During the next few weeks I will be attending a wedding, experiencing lots of Irish hospitality and maybe learning some new things about Ireland. For now my trip has just begun, but it has already been really eventful and enjoyable, especially the plane ride. The next few weeks will bring me some great things to report and some new insight on the Emerald Isle.


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