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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


She said.....When F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in “The Great Gatsby” that the rich are different from us, he knew what he was talking about, particularly in Fort Bend County.

There were several anomalies in the Will Perry divorce percolating over at the Fort Bend County Courthouse that I wrote about last week.

Remember that Will Perry is the son of uber donator to Republican causes, particularly to candidates who espouse “family values.” Papa Bob Perry’s money was principally responsible for the Swift Boat Veterans campaign against John Kerry; he gave the most to Texas Governor Rick Perry; he gave the most to Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick; and he gave the most of any donor to members of the Texas Supreme Court which recently turned back a multi-million award some home buyers were given from Perry in a lower court.

This time last year, Republicans in Fort Bend were acting like mad hogs at a trough about Papa and Will’s money. They talked one or the other of the men into outbidding Dave Wallace for the honor of introducing the headline speaker at the Republican Lincoln Dinner, the party’s annual paean to over-indulgence and “family values.”

First Will Perry filed for divorce on March 7, 2008. Then he filed for bankruptcy on April 11, 2008. Normally in Texas the husband has the manners to let the wife file first, but Will Perry is obviously no gentleman if his own testimony is to be believed. He said on the stand, under oath, that he had “probably 20 prostitutes while he was married to his wife and that he was a sexual addict.

Then a visiting judge was called in because every family law judge in Fort Bend has received donations from one or the other of the Perrys. EXCEPT Judge Robert Kern who wasn’t even asked to hear the case.

THEN the divorce was filed under the couple’s initials. I questioned District Clerk Annie Elliott about the legality of that and she quizzed several judges and long experienced lawyers who said it wasn’t legal. Elliott told me that when lawyers try to do that with a certain judge in Fort Bend County (Kern), he makes them refile it.

It seems logical to me that the suit would have to be filed under people’s names; otherwise how would you know who was divorcing whom? You can see all the filings under the county’s web site, but you have to look under P, W. The couple didn’t get married under their initials. So how do we know this is the same couple?

One thing we do know: This is probably why Judge Kern isn’t hearing the case.

When I quizzed Judge Ron “Bubba” Pope about why he accepted the divorce filing under the initials, he said he couldn’t find any law against it. He couldn’t find any law about initials at all, according to the Judge.

When I asked him why he recused himself, he didn’t mention the several thousand dollars he had received from Papa in his first campaign and a few more in his second campaign (without an opponent). No, he blamed his recusal on his former partnership with Ron Orsak, who handles Perry family matters in Fort Bend and is one of the attorneys in this divorce, representing Will Perry.

He said he wanted to avoid any appearance of impropriety. He had no answer for my question that if he was so concerned about impropriety, why he accepted the case with initials only.

So by the time the case fell into the lap of visiting Judge Bruce Wettman, it was already filed under the initials only.

Judge Pope said it was up to the administrative judge for the Second Administrative District, Judge Olen Underwood, to assign a judge to the case and he assumed that all the other family judges in Fort Bend had received campaign contributions from one of the Perrys. Kern hadn’t, but then Kern wouldn’t accept the filing using initials only.

So here I’ve rattled on about the odd things about this case and still haven’t gotten to Laura Perry’s testimony. That will have to wait till next week.

I’ve told you so......Andy Meyers is about as sleazy as you can get. He lives off his campaign funds, then when the ethics commission busts him, he pays a small fine and goes on his way. I guess he gets to keep the money.

Andy is the poster boy for piggish politicians who live for their campaign cash. He has fund-raisers even if he has no opponent. Then he hypocritically talks about how fiscally conservative he is. I’ve been telling you for years what a hypocrite he is. Remember, he makes a big deal about his CPA license (he tried to pay his CPA annual licensing fee out of his campaign funds one year), but yet he has seldom filed a campaign contributor and expense report that didn’t have to be refiled. I’d be ashamed to call myself a CPA.

Another little trick Andy pulls is he goes to budget meetings all summer and seldom protests, then when that same budget is offered at commissioners court, he grandstands and votes against it.

I’m so mad at him because last week a majority of commissioners and the country judge voted for road projects in Meyers’ precinct that were way over budget.

He didn’t mind a bit. In fact, he was gleefully salivating over the campaign contributions he would be receiving from the engineers who were in attendance.

How long do we have to suffer this fool?

Andy continues to be reelected by his base, the ultra-right wing Christian political groups who will take up the cause of anyone who pays them the slightest bit of attention, whether they believe the same or not.


Contact bkcstar@earthlink.net, if you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column. Write a SIGNED letter to the editor with valid day time phone number--name can be withheld by request.

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