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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Not a happy business.....I don’t like to write about divorces. There’s seldom a happy ending and it is such nasty, personal business. But when egregious actions occur, like the failure of a judge to act or the use of other legal filings to gain an advantage in a divorce, I reserve the right to expose those actions to the public.

Hard on the heels of Sugar Land Mayor Dave Wallace asking for a summary judgement of a lawsuit Will Perry had filed last year, and soon after the posting of depositions from several investors testifying that Perry told them he would intentionally ruin Wallace’s reputation, and very shortly after a divorce suit between Will and Laura Perry had been filed, Will Perry filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

He said......In a hearing before a visiting judge concerning temporary orders and temporary child visitation, Will Perry and Laura Perry squared off against each other in open court.

Daddy Bob Perry should have come to Fort Bend County with his checkbook open and started papering the county with money because it got nasty.

Under questioning by Laura Perry’s attorneys, it was apparent they thought Will Perry’s bankruptcy was a ploy to avoid payment to his wife and children.

Will Perry testified that he had made some bad business decisions and hadn’t made any money since a date that coincides with the breakup of his partnership with Dave Wallace and Costa Bajjali. He admitted that even though he receives $29,500 each month from a trust fund, that doesn’t cover the household expenses.

Under questioning by Laura Perry’s attorney, Will Perry admitted he has been a sexual addict for many years, but had quit attending Sex Addicts Anonymous in January, 2008. He said he had sex with “probably” 20 prostitutes since his marriage. During this testimony, Mrs. Perry left the courtroom and her uncontrollable sobs in the hall could be heard inside.

A chart in Will Perry’s handwriting that he had drawn several years ago tracing his sexual addiction blamed his sexual addiction problems on his father who he claimed was an alcoholic and verbally abusive, and his mother who he said was sexually abused by her father. He said Laura Perry was codependent but he said these were his thoughts 12-13 years ago and was no longer the case. (See what I mean by daddy’s checkbook should be open to keep this whole business out of court. If Perry did file bankruptcy to avoid paying his wife and children, he just made the stupidest move of his life, which is now displayed for all to see.)

To show his standing as a solid citizen, Perry testified about his involvement in local organizations including the Rotary club, the Rio Bend children’s home, the YMCA and the Rose-Rich Chamber of Commerce and his service on a couple of committees at the Fort Bend Chamber.

He testified that Laura Perry was a surgical podiatrist and he had encouraged her to work since the children were now in school. He felt there was no reason why she couldn’t as she had kept up her certification.

He complained of the money Laura had spent on her mother and brother, even though he admitted that he liked her brother. He testified that he and Laura had extended themselves financially for her mother and brother.

He testified there was no way that Laura and the children could remain in the house as the expenses there are $36,000 per month. He said she could sell many of the household goods to pay the bills. He proposed that she find a house like his 5,400 sq. ft. house in Sugar Wood, that he give her $5,000 per month (from his $29,500 monthly trust fund) and that she assume half the unsecured outstanding loans of $1.4 million.

Under questioning by Mrs. Perry’s attorney, Mr. Perry said he knew that his administrative assistant Sylvia Hoffman was a convicted felon (two prison terms). He said he was paying half of her daughter’s tuition at a local private school--the same one attended by his own children.

He testified that Mrs. Hoffman was his personal administrative assistant who was helping him in the bankruptcy, handling his personal social calendar, personal bills, and previously had a high involvement in the household. He said Mrs. Perry didn’t object until January or February when she told him she wanted to take over the household and asked him if he was having an affair with her.

He testified that he did not post his profile on Match.com even though it was there. Nor any of the other dating sites and he didn’t post exotic pictures of himself. He finally admitted that he had logged on to Match.com to look around.

In testimony about the loan of $180,000 he took out against his children’s trust fund, Mr. Perry admitted that he forged his wife’s name and it was notarized by Sylvia Hoffman. He said he signed her name often and she knew about it. He could not remember exactly where the $180,000 went, except some of it went for her beast augmentation. (No gentlemen here.)

In further testimony, Perry admitted that the principal at his children’s school had spoken to him about his driving when he dropped off the children when he “burned rubber.” Perry claimed his foot slipped off the gas pedal.

A former nanny spoke about what a wonderful father and husband “Mr. Will” was and that Laura Perry was nice also. Under cross examination, she admitted that Bob Perry made a $20,000 down payment for their house five years ago.

When the nanny was asked about Mr. Will Perry’s sexual addiction, she replied, “I don’t want to know about that.”

She said..........(next week)

Fat lady singing in all but Sugar Land......Local school, city, and MUD elections are over and the results are in. I won’t reiterate all the winners and losers except to say that the job of Sugar Land voters is not over as they will have to return to the ballot box again in one month to elect a new mayor due to the tie between Jimmy Thompson and Daniel Wong.

Thompson was the largest vote getter with an impressive 45% of the vote with Wong running second with 34% of the vote.

Councilman Russell Jones had almost 20% of the vote, and it’s a shame because he worked so hard and spent a ton of money.

The citizens are going to miss Russell on city council because he was often the lone vote and every elected body needs a contrarian.

Jimmy Thompson’s 45% of the votes, gotten in spite of his unimaginative signs that nobody noticed, gives him a leg up in the run off. He’ll just need to get his voters back to the polls. And since early voting for the runoff starts almost today, (actually June 9) keep your hand on the doorknob, keys in your hand, and voter’s registration certificate ready. Final day of Early Voting is June 17 with the election on June 21.

The contest is simple one between who can get their supporters back to the ballot box.


Contact bkcstar@earthlink.net, if you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column. Write a SIGNED letter to the editor with valid day time phone number--name can be withheld by request.

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