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I'm Sick and Tired
of being Sick and Tried
By Michael Fredrickson

This column expresses the personal opinions/views of General Manager Michael Fredrickson. If you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column, write a SIGNED letter to the editor. Names can be withheld by request with a valid day time phone number.


No more nanny government

Of the federal government acting like a nanny while contributing to the decay of the American family. Prior to FDR’s takeover of the welfare function, we all had someone to take care of us. I dare say people were not falling in a ditch and dying of starvation and exposure.

You see, 70 years ago we had this thing called the family. In addition to our “immediate family,” we also had our church-family. When people were in dire straits, they did not go to a department of this or a department of that. They got help from any number of family members, and if none were available they could always rely on their church.

Even when family members came to their aid, they may still get the church to help and if they did, the church could expect another new member (that would be better, stronger, able and willing to help others). Then the Federal government stepped in and “relieved” the church of this occasional “burden” on their finances. Well, that looked like a good thing at the time.

Now, thanks to FDR’s New Deal and all the subsequent welfare programs since, family members and even the church are “off the hook.” All of us working stiffs are working so hard to make ends meet and pay our taxes that we don’t have “extra” money sitting around for an occasional handout. After paying exorbitant taxes, most families can’t afford to “give a help up” to down-and-out family members that can go down to the government welfare office and regain some of our taxes back.

There is this saying ... charity starts at home. So, we are more than happy to help family members as long as the recipient “tried.” The over powerful federal government and the local state government doesn’t care about trying or rewarding effort. In fact, if someone down on his luck start making an effort for improvement - BAM, all assistance is stopped. We helped, taught, prodded, but generally expected them to be responsible and pick themselves up by their bootstraps. Likewise, your church family took care of you as long as you were a God-fearing and a believing church member.

Now, when a ne’er-do-well distant cousin needs a handout, we tell him that we don’t have any EXTRA to help with since we pay exorbitant taxes to take care of people just like them (and strangers and not members of my congregation). Instead we say they should go to the welfare office and get money there; after all they’re just getting the money we’ve already paid.

If you are sick and tired of something, send me an e-mail, and if I’m sick and tired of it too maybe I’ll write about it.


Michael Fredrickson is the General Manager of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. He can be reached at michael@fortbendstar.com.

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