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CHS Junior - Student Columnist
By Stephanie Madden

This column expresses the personal opinions/views of the writer. If you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column, write a SIGNED letter to the editor. Name can be withheld by request with a valid day time phone number.


What They mean

Reactions; the way we respond to situations that come our way, but before a reaction you need action. Actions can be voluntary or involuntary and sometimes the worst situations come from involuntary thoughts and actions. This comes up repeatedly in life because everything is a series of reactions to what happens around us. The most mysterious part of these interactions is the situation that is lent to us when males and females interact. Females are capable of taking a seemingly simple situation and creating many different levels that they would like the guy to fix. Males on the other hand can observe a situation and let it be just that, a minor situation. With the general extreme difference in processing thought itís a wonder the two genders ever get along.

The actions and reactions of women are the hardest to understand and also the hardest to try to analyze, because, well women are a lot more extreme in their mannerisms. The best and most recognizable female reaction is the ignoring tactic, which can stem from a minor comment that the male may not even remember making. The funny thing about this is girls will always make a comment or put themselves in a situation that will allow a sneak attack, or from the male perspective a sly attempt at humor. Women also have their slip up spots, like having the gift of annoying a guy within a literal two second time span. Women at least have the freedom of knowing that males expect sudden explosive emotions from seemingly non-existent emotions. Men on the other hand are either very simple or a lot more complex than any woman gives them credit for.

Men, left alone, can watch Comedy Central and be perfectly content until some actual important event comes up. The best reaction from men is the confusion and complete baffled looks that come from an event they neglected to observe while watching Sports Center. Men love to provoke heightened emotion from women, for what reason, Iím not quite sure. There is nothing funnier to a guy than a girl jumping from the surprise of someone jumping out of the corner or a little pouty face from getting picked on just a little too much. Men can take situations lightly if they want or they can take extreme logic and drill a point until it is understood to the last.

Men and women both have a huge arrangement of reactions that can never really be put into a group but there are some generalizations that can apply to all at some point or another. Women can be cute and flirty or silent and try to give burning looks to prove a point, but the key to our emotion is emotion itself, could it get anymore clich»? Men will always be laid back and calm as long as no one interrupts their entertainment and food is always ready on the table when theyíre hungry. Sometimes there are those rare moments of true understanding and bonding, but laughing over a funny joke can also cause the same affect. Relationships are made up of a little understanding, a majority of love and a large part tolerance for the fact that men and women may never truly understand each other. But hey, we donít even understand ourselves most of the time so why not just have fun, sit back, and relax.


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