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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


For the first time, incumbent Fort Bend County Sheriff Milton Wright has a viable opponent who has a chance of beating him in the March 4 primary.

His opponent, Billy Frank Teague, is an experienced lawman who retired from the Highway Patrol and is currently working for the Richmond Police Department.

So one would think that a sheriff with a strong opponent would go out of his way to, if nothing else, keep his own troupes happy, at least until election day.

But Milton Wright, who according to my sources, has spent at least one work day a week on the golf course since he was elected 12 years ago, is so arrogant or unmindful of what his employees think, or whether they are going to vote for him or not, announced last week that his Chief Deputy Craig Brady’s new wife will be the department’s new detective. She was formerly a jailer and has most recently been home on maternity leave. She was promoted over four other experienced patrolmen who had applied for the job.

Meet Ms Chief.....And Ms Chief, who should spend several months in field training before assuming detective duties, was awarded a take home car on her first day back to work. The first rattle out of the box is she was involved in a fender bender in her new county car.

But not to worry, conventional wisdom is that she will skip the field training and become a detective immediately. Yesterday she couldn’t spell “detective;” today she are one.

For years, law enforcement has called the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Department the “Brady family Full Employment Company.” Uncles, brothers, cousins, brother-in-laws, and sons have all worked at the sheriff’s department. One Brady son has left the department on numerous occasions and was always hired back; a privilege no other “resigned” employee has been allowed to do.

It is time for a change. It is time to rid the county of a law enforcement division that is ignored by the elected sheriff but held in a power lock by the chief deputy. Milton Wright is eligible for retirement. His time is past and he has been in office too long. It’s time for the voters in Fort Bend to help him retire.

Unbelievable.....One of the biggest complaints about former Republican County Chair Eric Thode was that he endorsed Republicans in contested primaries.

I seem to remember at one Executive Meeting (precinct chair meeting), there was even talk of passing a policy that said Republicans could not endorse other Republicans in contested primaries.

Yet some of the very people who were complaining about Thode so much have shown up on a certain candidate’s mail out and web site as supporting him over his nine other Republican opponents.

Who are they you ask? Republican Precinct chairs and elected officials or former elected officials like Terese Raia, Lewis Luckenbach, III, William T. Benton, Kathy Luckenbach, Fran Naylor, Don Braley, Linda Howell, Mickey Mixon, Valencia Gibson, Joan Cain, Tina Gibson, Frank Hester, Andre McDonald, Jim Hammack, and Debra Ross.

They ought to be ashamed for excoriating Thode and Gillen for doing something they do themselves.

Then I had to laugh about the hierarchy of the Republican party running ads in newspapers with large pictures of the officers and an even larger one of chairman Rick Miller.

I seem to remember advertising that Thode used to run before the primary and general election in local newspapers. These ads either encouraged people to vote in the Republican primary, or before the general election, the ads listed all the Republican candidates and encourage you to vote Republican.

The ads last week by the new officials just glorified the officers.

Other retirement plans......State Representative Charlie Howard needs to be retired also. He promised us he would only serve three terms. He was a big proponent of term limits. That is, until his terms needed to be limited.

I won’t even reiterate his political sins here, but I have a new complaint. When State Senator Kyle Janek announced his retirement, Charlie jumped out there and said he was a candidate.

But after he heard from some of his constituents complaining about him running for State Representative just to give himself a leg up on the State Senate job, he backed off that and quickly said he was only running for District 26.

Yeah, and I’m a real blonde.

Charlie’s current stance about this future race is just another example of how Charlie is just flat out dishonest.

And the story I’ve heard is that if Charlie wins as State Senator, he will work to get his BFF (best friend forever) Andy Meyers to his State Representative seat.

It’s time for a change. Paula Stansell is intelligent, committed, and a hard worker. Let’s send her to Austin and give Charlie the retirement he promised us years ago.

On a personal note... I have received so many sympathy cards from our readers about the death of my brother at the first of the year. I want to take this opportunity to thank you.

I learned a very important lesson about sympathy cards that I will remember for the future. I had much rather receive a sympathy card than for someone to personally express their sympathy to me. I simply am still having a very hard time talking about him. If I say much, I usually break down. So if I’ve brushed you off when you have tried to express your sympathy to me, I apologize. Please know I appreciate your kind words, but I’m having a hard time dealing with the whole thing.

He was my only sibling. We were 16 months apart. We grew up way out in the country on a ranch and had few other playmates. We were very close as children.

Part of my grief is the guilt I feel because we went off on a cruise without him. He said he didn’t feel like going but insisted we go without him. We tried to take him to the doctor. He refused to go. When we returned, he was dead. I still can’t wrap my mind around it.


Contact bkcstar@earthlink.net, if you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column. Write a SIGNED letter to the editor with valid day time phone number--name can be withheld by request.

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