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Nick's Pics
Nick Nicholson
Film & Home Entertainment Critic

This column expresses the personal opinions/views of the writer. If you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column, write a SIGNED letter to the editor. Name can be withheld by request with a valid day time phone number.

Adam Sandler and Kevin James team as two straight guys who stumble down the aisle with the best of intentions in I Now Pronounce Yo Chuck and Larry. Chuck Levine (Sandler) and Larry Valentine (James) are the pride of their fire station: two guy’s guys always side-by-side and willing to do anything for each other Salt-of-the-earth widower Larry wants just one thing: to protect his family. His buddy Chuck also wants one thing: to enjoy the single life. Grateful Chuck owes Larry for saving his life in a fire, and Larry calls in that favor big time when civic red tape prevents him from naming his own two kids as his life insurance beneficiaries. Al that Chuck has to do is claim to be Larry’s domestic partner on some city forms. Easy. Nobody will ever know.

But when an overzealous, spot-checking bureaucrat becomes suspicious, the new couple’s arrangement becomes a citywide issue and goes fro confidential to front-page news. Forced to improvise as love-struck newlyweds, Chuck and Larry must now fumble through a hilarious charade of domestic bliss under one roof. After surviving their mandatory honeymoon and dodging the threat of exposure, the well-intentioned con men discover that sticking together in your time of need is what truly makes a family.

This film is rude, crude, and a total waste of time.

Chuck & Larry

Starring: Kevin James & Adam Sandler

Director: Dennis Dugan

Company: Universal

Now Showing: In area Theatres

MPAA Rating - PG-13

Grade: D



What if Cuba and the Soviet Union opted for a conventional invasion of the U.S. rather than a nuclear attack? Then, their troops would have another think coming. Namely a group of high school students turned commandos. These teenagers -- Jed, Robert, Erica, Matt, Toni and others -- one day look outside their classroom windows to see Communist paratroopers descending from the clouds and landing on the soil of their small town. Skilled hunters and tenderfoots alike, Jed and his friends take whatever food and weapons they can find and head for the mountains. It is not long, however, before the enemy soldiers follow their trail, take prisoners, rape women, and execute “subversives.” Now the fate of one theater of World War III rests in the rifle-filled hands of America’s youth. This two disc special edition contains numerous special features, including a retrospective look at the making of the film.


A strange deal is struck with three sisters after the death of their father--they must live together on his ranch in order to inherit the riches he has left behind for them. Complications arise as the estranged sisters try to adapt to living together while also attempting to thwart people who don’t want them to succeed. A touching film that the entire family can enjoy. Picture and sound quality are exceptional. There are no extras included on this DVD.


Mysterious events unfurl in a small town in Angels Fall. Heather Locklear plays a chef who witnesses a murder in the town and is subsequently baffled and alarmed as she has a hard time convincing anyone that the event actually happened. She hits the open road with no destination in mind, desperate for a fresh start. After a few more unfortunate events, she begins to question her own sanity. There areno extras included on this DVD.

HAWAII FIVE-O: Season Two - Paramount

One of TV’s longest-running crime dramas (only LAW & ORDER would surpass its record-setting 12-year run), the 1970s television series HAWAII FIVE-O captivated audiences with its smart and stylish take on the standard policier formula. Filmed entirely on the Hawaiian archipelago, the action-packed series followed the crime-fighting adventures of an elite state-police squad anchored by quintessential tough guy Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord) and his detective team of Danny “Danno” Williams (James MacArthur), Chin Ho Kelly (Kam Fong), and Kono Kalakaua (Zulu). Almost singlehandedly rewriting the book on police dramas, the series distinguished itself with intricate plotting, inventive cinematography, exotically beautiful locations, and, of course, an indelible theme song and timeless catchphrase (“book ‘em, Danno!”). This collection presents the iconic series’ second season in its entirety. All 24 second season episodes are included for your enjoyment. Promos of each episode are included as extras in the set.


Set in London, HUSTLE is a TV drama about the exploits of five con artists (played by Adrian Lester, Jaime Murray, Robert Glenister, Marc Warren, and Robert Vaughn). This group of four men and one woman all have heads filled with lofty ambition, marking them out from the petty thievery of most ordinary grifters, and allowing some spectacular plans to blossom as they plot ways in which to get rich. This release includes every episode from the third season of the show. Interviews with the cast are included as extras in the set.


A working-class student from Essex navigating his first year at Bristol University, Brian (James McAvoy) has a lot to prove. While his hometown mates1 worry about him turning into a poncey2 wanker3, Brian’s biggest concern is making the team for the long-running British television quiz show University Challenge. (The game show, which began in 1962 and is something like the UK’s answer to Jeopardy, pits four-member teams from posh4 universities against each other. “Starter” questions, worth ten points each, give the film its title.) Amidst Tarts & Vicars dances, anti-Apartheid rallies, minging6 dorm rooms and puffs of marijuana smoke, Brian also finds himself romantically torn between two very different co-eds: ultra-fit7 blonde bombshell and University Challenge teammate Alice (Alice Eve), and thoughtful, politically-conscious Rebecca Epstein (Rebecca Hall in Christopher Nolan’s THE PRESTIGE).

With Margaret Thatcher’s economically depressed Blighty8 as a backdrop, and a killer, pitchperfect New Wave soundtrack—featuring music by The Cure, Wham!, Bananarama, Yaz, The Smiths, New Order, Tears For Fears, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Buzz*censored*s, and The Psychedelic Furs—in the foreground, STARTER FOR 10 is the great British teen 80s movie that never was... There are a few bonus features included in the set for your enjoyment.


Based on the best selling book which had sold millions of copies by the time the film was made, The Happy Hooker tells the funny and feisty tale of Xaviera Hollander, a girl on the verge of discovering her sexuality, her financial freedom, and the lusty, lucrative connection between the two. THE HAPPY HOOKER: Sexy fun abounds as Lynn Redgrave portrays the legendary Madam Xaviera Hollander. A once naive office girl becomes the madam of an opulent brothel after her boyfriend teaches her the “tricks of the trade.” THE HAPPY HOOKER GOES TO WASHINGTON: America’s most famous madam travels to the nation’s capitol on a business trip. Once there, she adroitly works to “uncover” several crooked politicians. THE HAPPY HOOKER GOES TO HOLLYWOOD: Xaviera goes to Hollywood with the idea of making a movie based on her famous book. However, she is stymied in her efforts by several producers who have other ideas. There are no bonus features included in this set.

Nick be reached at Nick@filmlords.com

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