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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 29 years."


Okay, that was fast....I received a call right after the Star came out last week from Eco Resources management. The nice man who called was responding to a blip I had in my Bev’s Burner column about a failure in my plumbing and my daughter’s plumbing, which I wondered (in writing) if it was the result of shoddy work from Eco. He informed me that although Eco was responsible for installing the water and sewer lines from my meter to the city’s source, it was the original builder of the house who was responsible for installing the system from the meter back into the house.

Well, I wouldn’t want to lay a bad rap and false accusations on anyone, so I vowed to clear it up in my column this week. I also commented on how fast I heard from him and he reminded me that over 200 people in Fort Bend work for Eco Resources so he hears things pretty quickly if someone badmouths the company. He also said the company is very responsive to criticism, and he wanted to get to the bottom of my problem.

I gotta tell you that I appreciate that kind of response and am happy to set the record straight. Now if I could find my original builder and plumbing contractor.

And I thought my taxes were used for this.....I got another solicitation from Sheriff Milton Wright and the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas. Seems like I just got one of those. Do you think they are sending them out with the frequency of 20% off coupons from Bed, Bath, and Beyond?

So I read it again to learn that for $25 I get (1) an associate membership card for my wallet, (2) two window decals to display my support for law enforcement, (3) eligibility to become a member of the Texas DPS Credit Union, and (4) a 20% discount at LaQuinta motels.

Oh yeah, (5) I will help fight crime in Texas!

Now Milton claims the proceeds are used to hold training sessions all over Texas and Fort Bend has always gotten its share. I dunno. I get calls all the time to join the patrolmen’s whatever and I’ve wondered how much of the money actually gets to law enforcement. Milton claims this is different, but I noticed that the address you send your membership dues to is in Austin.

Oh, I almost forgot. I can order tee shirts, jackets, caps, vests, and windbreakers with the Sheriff’s Association Star emblem on them. I looked on their web site and found they were a little pricey. ($40 for a knit shirt; $50 for a vest -not bulletproof?)

Can’t snub me.....County Judge Bob Hebert has been kinda cool to me since I took him to the woodshed over his greed in salary increases, judging duties (Oh, I think I forgot about that. But he changed his mind so not to worry.) and campaign expenses. I saw him at the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner and he looked the other way. But I ran into him at the Fort Bend Boys Choir dinner and I just made him speak to me by planting myself in front of him, and then accusing him of snubbing me. He laughed, I laughed. We’re cordial now. (Unless you’ve heard something else?)


Contact bkcstar@earthlink.net, if you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column. Write a SIGNED letter to the editor with valid day time phone number--name can be withheld by request.

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