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Nick Nicholson
Film & Home Entertainment Critic

This column expresses the personal opinions/views of the writer. If you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column, write a SIGNED letter to the editor. Name can be withheld by request with a valid day time phone number.
DVD Picks  
DALLAS: Season Six - Warner

The saga of the wealthy Ewing family - patriarch Jock Ewing, who started Ewing Oil, the family corporation; Miss Ellie, his wife who properly managed Southfork Ranch, the family home; and their three sons - J.R., the ruthless CEO of Ewing Oil, married to former Miss Texas Sue Ellen Shepard; Bobby, the nice guy, who married Pamela Barnes, daughter of the Ewing’s chief business rival; and Gary, considered an outcast by his father, who eventually moved to California with his wife Valene. I remember coming home from school on Friday just waiting to watch the next chapter in the Dallas saga. This was the top show for prime time drama in the 1980s. Season six continues the search for Jock Ewing’s lost plane and his eventual death in addition to J.R. and Sue Ellen’s wedding. There are also several episodes dealing with Jock’s will being broken and Pam leaving Southfork. There is lots of drama and action in this season making it one of the most memorable in the series. The DVD presents all 28 episodes of the sixth season on five discs with restored picture and sound. Extras include a featurette “ Power and Influence: The Dallas Legacy”. By Richard Maher.

WALKER TEXAS RANGER: Season Two - Paramount

Texas Ranger Cordell walker, one of the last old-fashioned heroes of the West, is a protective friend but a relentless foe who will stop at nothing to bring a criminal to justice. Walker works on instinct, often drawing on the traditions of his Native American ancestors. His partner, James Trivette, has a more modern approach to crime-solving. C.D. Parker, a retired ranger, and Alex Cahill, the county assistant district attorney who shares a mutual attraction with walker, support the rangers in their battle to serve justice. Texas Ranger Cordell is on the prowl saving people and enforcing justice. Chuck Norris is better than ever in season two. Sheree J. Wilson, Clarence Gilyard Jr, and Noble Willingham are a great supporting cast and round out the show with plenty of drama and story. Some of these seasons’ highlights include “Unfinished Business” involving a vigilante on the loose, “Something in the Shadows” 2-part episode with Cordell and Trivette going undercover inside a drug ring and “Crime Wave Dave” involves a crooked parole officer. Walker is faced with countless obstacles, but comes out on top in the end. It’s a good thing that he knows martial arts or he would be toast. Overall, the show is entertaining at best. The DVD presents all 23 episodes in airdate order complete and uncut on seven discs. All of the episodes are presented in Full Screen Format with 2.0 Surround. The packaging is attractive with an episode synopsis on the back of each volume. By Richard Maher.

I DREAM OF JEANNIE: Season Three - Sony

Air Force captain Anthony “Tony” Nelson is stranded on a desert island after his space capsule malfunctions on re-entry. While he is there, he finds a bottle and upon opening it he releases a beautiful genie named, coincidentally, jeannie who was trapped in the bottle by the evil Blue Djinn. This show keeps getting better each season. I don’t know when I have laughed so much at a sitcom. Barbara Eden’s character is more defined in this season with here evil twin sister who is played by Eden. Larry Hagman and Bill Daily are better than ever giving us some of the best on-screen comedy to date. This seasons story highlights include “Fly me to the Moon” involving Jeannie turning a NASA chimp into a human, “Meet my Master’s Mother” introducing Tony’s overprotective mother to Jeannie and “Please Don’t Feed the Astronauts” involving Tony and Roger on a five-day survival training exercise that goes amuck when Jeannie helps them along. You would think that with all of that “brain matter” from the astronauts, they could avoid half of the problems encountered from jeannie’s blunders. Just when you think the coast is clear...BAM! It’s hard to believe that Hagman played J.R. in Dallas! The DVD presents all 26 episodes from the third season with restored picture and sound on four discs. The episodes are presented in Full Frame Format with Dolby Digital sound. Each volume has attractive artwork and an episode synopsis on the back. Article by Richard Maher.

BENNY HILL: Season Six - A&E

Benny Hill--Britain’s baron of bawdy buffoonery--bursts into full bloom in this boisterous collection from his golden fan-favorite era, The Hill’s Angels Years! Wildly popular all over the globe thanks to his trademark smirk and affinity for comic naughtiness, Benny rejuvenated the sketch-variety genre with his multi-award-winning Benny Hill Show. Satirizing everything under the sun, but sanitizing nothing, Benny and his crackerjack team of entertainers invented a squadron of crazy caricatures: lovable imbecile Fred Scuttle, avant-garde French filmmaker Pierre De Terre, and the verbally challenged Mr. Chow Mein. Backed by Benny’s half-dressed flock of frisky foxes, The Benny Hill Show continues to stand the test of time by making the world laugh itself silly. This is classic British humor at its best. If you don’t like British humor, give this a try anyway. Benny is really funny! This 3 DVD set features all 10 riotous episodes from 1986-1989. These are full-length episodes that were not shown in the US. A & E has put together a nice package here for die-hard Benny Hill fans.


Kirsten Dunst stars as the youthful princess whose fateful life became the stuff of myth and legend. The story begins when 14-year-old Marie Antoinette is whisked away from her family and friends in Vienna, stripped of all her possessions and deposited in the sophisticated and decadent world of Versailles, the lavish royal court near Paris. Marie Antoinette is merely a pawn in an arranged marriage meant to solidify the harmony between two nations. Her teenage husband, the Dauphin Louis (Jason Schwartzman), is heir to the French throne. This dvd is presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen and the sound is presented in Dolby Digital. There are numerous special features included in this package including deleted scenes, a making of featurette, and a Louis XVI “cribs” examination.

Nick be reached at Nick@filmlords.com

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