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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 28 years."

Iíve had enough, Part 2

State Representative, District 27

In last weekís issue, I told readers Iíd had enough of various politicians. Since this is the last issue before the vote next Tuesday, I want to make sure I cover most of the contested races in Fort Bend.

In the state representative race in District 27 which includes parts of Fort Bend, Democratic Dora Olivo has served her constituency well since 1997 and has on several occasions carried bills that benefited Fort Bend specifically, most particularly involving the establishment of local judicial positions when other Fort Bend representatives were no help.

Her Republican challenger is currently a member of Fort Bend ISD board of trustees and was one of the trustees who was not only unable to get along with the popular superintendent, but several other board members as well. His ability to govern has been seriously questioned. Olivo is a hard-working member who has kept in touch with her district and maintained excellent district services. I encourage her District to reelect Olivo as their state representative.

Precinct 2 County Commissioner

Iíve been mad at all the Fort Bend County Commissioners and the County Judge since they voted themselves a $17,000 raise this year. But Democrat Grady Prestage, who has served as commissioner since 1990, has proved himself a very adroit politician who, even though a political and racial minority on the court, has been able to effectively help many disadvantaged and heretofore under served citizens of Fort Bend. His Republican opponent, who has run against him before as a Democrat, has no credentials for leadership except as a school teacher. I encourage Pct. 2 voters to reelect Grady Prestage as commissioner.

U.S. Representative, Dist. 22

I encouraged you last week to support Democrat Nick Lampson for District 22 as our next Congressman. Lampson served four terms as a U.S. Congressman, representing the Beaumont, Port Arthur area. When the Tom DeLay-led redistricting changed Lampsonís district, he moved to Stafford to run against DeLay. He has no Republican opponent on the ballot, but Shelley Sukula-Gibbs is running as a write-in.

Since last week, my resolve to support Lampson has increased. He has received the endorsement of several conservative groups such as the NRA, VFW, Realtors, and several law enforcement groups. His write-in opponent lives in Clear Lake, is on the Houston City Council, and distinguished herself this week by visiting inside two voting sites. She said she only went in to use the bathroom and while there, asked how the early voting was going. She has run several city council races and should certainly know that is illegal.

After our years of Tom DeLay skirting the law and operating right on the edge, we donít need to elect someone else who disregards the law as it applies to them.

County Court at Law Judge

I want to remind you that Democrat Rudy Valesquez is running against Republican Bud Childers for County-Court-At-Law Judge. Valesquez, a native of Fort Bend, has a good reputation not only as an attorney, but as a good individual and family man. Childers, the former County Attorney, defeated Nina Schaefer in the Republican primary, something several of us females have not forgiven him for. I canít understand why Childers wanted to give up his job as County Attorney. It was difficult to catch him in his office, and as judge, he will have to work hard and keep his docket going. Iím voting for Valesquez, whom I trust.

District Judge

Iím also supporting Democrat Albert Holan for District Judge against Republican Brady Elliott. Holan ran before, and has excellent judicial credentials. Elliott has done several quirky things in the past, and many local attorneys have complained that he is unpredictable.

I think itís time we had a little political diversity in the local judicial branch and Elliott has been there too long.

District Clerk

There have been some questions about Republican Annie Elliot and her candidacy, particularly as concerns her assistant DA husband and his involvement with one of her campaign contributors. But I donít know her Democratic opponent Vickie Torres so I will pass on that race.

County Treasurer

Iím so mad at Democrat Neeta Sane who is running for county treasurer against Republican Jeff Council. Nina sent out a mailer with headlines culled from news stories about the former treasurer who ended up resigning from office because of fiduciary irresponsibility. The mailer had an ďXĒ through Jeff Councilís name, intimating that he was somehow involved. On the other hand, I donít understand why men past retirement age run for $100,000 jobs where they donít have to go to the office unless they want to. I think Iíll pass on that position also.


Contact bkcstar@earthlink.net, if you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column. Write a SIGNED letter to the editor with valid day time phone number--name can be withheld by request.

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