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Alice Yang
Yang is a contributing columnist for the Fort Bend Star.
She is a student at Stephen F. Austin High School-FBISD.

This column expresses the personal opinions/views of the writer. If you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column, write a SIGNED letter to the editor. Name can be withheld by request with a valid day time phone number.
ĎTis the season to be jolly  

Iím feeling unusually light and cheery this week, and it might have something to do with the weather.

Itís finally Autumn, my favorite season. In fact, Autumn isnít just a season; itís a state of mind. Itís in that cool breeze that rejuvenates the whole system after more than five months of boiling steam. Itís in the spicy cinnamon hues of fallen leaves and new rouge that makes people want to add color to their lives. And itís definitely in the candy corn and pumpkin pies that urge all to live and eat life to the fullest.

Okay, my prose is getting exceedingly whimsical and flowery. See what I mean? The weather does things to you. Anyway, here are my top five reasons why now is the best time of the year.

1.The crisp sound of leaves when you step on them. You know what they remind me of? Kettle-cooked potato chips. Anytime I go out for a walk, Iíd purposefully stomp on these piles just to hear the delicious crunch. Basically, all the physical elements of the season are extremely precious to me. Like how this is the only time of the year when I can open the window for natural ventilation without catching a draft that makes the carpet feel humid. Same goes in the car. Itís absolutely gorgeous to feel the crisp, dry air through the windows and to have an occasional russet-colored leaf glide past the windshield.

2. Fall fashion magazines. The September and October issues are usually the biggest ones of the year. I just bought the September Vogue in all its 754 page glory. Usually, I read magazines from cover to cover in one sitting, but this one took several days! Likewise, Allure issued its biggest issue ever this month with 334 pages of its beauty best. Not only are the fat fashion magazines fun and fulfilling to read (told you the prose was getting flowery), the summer styles in school are finally changing to a more spicier fall beat. The inception of cords and sweaters and quirky scarves are way more exciting than the summerís slinky tee and wide belt combo.

3. Halloween! And all its related preparations. My personal favorites are the house decorations. Again, walks around the neighborhood are made far more exciting by lanterned sidewalks and cobwebbed trees. And who could forget the candy? To tell the truth, chocolateís not that special because you can get it any time of the year. But candy corn is quintessentially Halloween, something that makes eating them a seasonal necessity.

4. A bigger appetite for food in general. Is it just me or does the chilly weather make people eat more? Doesnít it just feel good to come home with wind-bitten cheeks to a hearty and satisfying dinner? And some foods only complement Autumn. Like cappuccino for example. Itís just weird to drink something that rich and foamy in the summer; while during the winter, hot cocoa takes the spotlight. The whipped cream, cinnamon sprinkles, and chocolate shavings are made only for Autumn.

5. Just a month away from a major slew of holiday breaks and two months away from the end of the semester. What total bliss! Half the school year is almost over.

Yang is a contributing columnist for the Fort Bend Star. She is a student in FBISD.

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