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Nick's Pics
Nick Nicholson
Film & Home Entertainment Critic

This column expresses the personal opinions/views of the writer. If you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column, write a SIGNED letter to the editor. Name can be withheld by request with a valid day time phone number.

Gerry Shepherd (Paul Walker) works in Antarctica as a guide for a research and exploration facility. He has a team of amazing sled dogs, each with their own personality. When geologist Dr. McLaren (Bruce Greenwood) hires Gerry to take him to a remote mountain region, they get caught in a killer snowstorm and McLaren gets badly hurt. Thanks to the heroic dogs McLaren survives and both men make it back to the base camp. Immediately after risking their lives to save their people, in an unfortunate series of events, the eight dogs are left behind when the exploration team has to make an emergency evacuation of their post. Gerry agrees to leave them because he thinks it’s only going to be hours before they can return for the dogs, but a second trip turns out to be impossible.


Eight Below

Starring: Paul Walker & Bruce Greenwood

Director: Frank Marshall

Company: Buena Vista

Now Showing: In area Theatres

MPAA Rating - PG

Grade: B+

DVD Picks

MARNIE - Universal

Marnie Edgar (Tippi Hedren) is a habitual thief and has big time psychological problems, which include a fear of thunderstorms and the color red. Oh, she does not like sex (but she is a babe) lies a lot, and is basically a real nut case. But, there is a reason for her behavior that stems from her childhood and you will understand when you see this fantastic psychological thriller from Alfred Hitchcock. Marnie takes advantage of her beauty to gain the confidence of her bosses, robs them, and then changes her identity. She applies for a job at Mark Rutland’s (Connery) Philadelphia publishing company. Her plan to rob Mark will not happen as knows her secret. Instead of turning her in, he decides to watch her. He ends up with an uncontrollable fascination of her and resorts to sexual blackmail to force her to marry him. Man, this is one messed up relationship and one fantastic film. Marnie is on of Hitchcock’s best films if not the best. Released in 1964, it was one that I missed through the years. I am glad that I have it in my collection and I highly recommend you buy this DVD for your collection. This DVD features a digital remaster and the picture looks great—no pixelization or edge enhancement is noticed. There are some extras on this disc which include: The trouble with Marnie, the Marnie Archives, theatrical trailer, and production notes. This is a great product I highly recommend.


Drew Baylor (Bloom) causes the shoe company he works for to lose 976 million dollars, and he is fired for his mistake. Along with getting dumped by his girlfriend, a suicidal Drew finds out that his father has passed away. Drew travels to his family’s small Kentucky hometown of Elizabethtown to take care of the family arrangements. On his way to Elizabethtown Drew meets a flight attendant named Claire Colburn (Dunst), and later falls in love with her during an all-night phone call. The new relationship helps Drew get his life in order and cope with his very down to earth extended family. This is a big time date movie and I was hoping for more from Cameron Crowe. The plot is thin and the story clichÈ and predictable. On a positive note, the soundtrack is wonderful and there are plenty of extras on this disc to entertain you. The picture on this anamorphic widescreen transfer looks great and the Dolby Digital 5.1 sound is adequate for the home theater experience.

GREY’S ANATOMY: Season One - Buena Vista

Grey’s Anatomy leaves all the other Medical dramas behind. It has great acting, great music, and a storyline that will hook you in. You can hardly wait for the next week’s episode. Now you don’t have to wait - Grey’s Anatomy is on DVD. The first season is only nine episodes, as this was a mid season replacement, however all episodes are excellent. This is a must have for your DVD collection. The picture quality on this DVD set is stunning and the Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack is much better than what you heard on the broadcast. There are tons of extras with this set to keep you happy. Go out and pick this up immediately!

NEWSRADIO: Season Three - Sony

In NewsRadio, Dave Foley stars as Dave Nelson, a farm-fresh Wisconsinite who leaves the land of cheese for the Big Apple. He lands a new job as news director at an all news radio station run by meddling owner Jimmy James (Stephen Root). Vicki Lewis plays a flighty, hyper/hip character who dresses like Madonna. Neurotic Matthew (Andy Dick) obsesses about ants life in every episode. Phil Hartman is obviously the pulse of the show and stars as the enigmatic Bill McNeal. The ensemble cast is incredible and a joy to watch. Picture and sound are outstanding. Newsradio is a must own for any fan of raw comedy.

Nick be reached at Nick@filmlords.com

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