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Some's Hot, Some's Not 

by B.K. Carter
This column expresses the personal opinions/views of the writer. If you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column, write a SIGNED letter to the editor. Name can be withheld by request with a valid day time and phone number.

Anybody want to run for office? ..... If you had attended the Missouri City city council meeting Monday night, you would be absolutely convinced that Quail Valley Country Club is going broke tomorrow and will pull the whole city of Missouri City right down the drain with it.

A move to rezone part of the golf course to allow townhouse/patio home construction was the agenda item that sparked the most public comment. (See story front page.) It passed unanimously.

Representatives from the country club got up and told what wonderful things they were going to do to the club with the money they got from selling several acres of the golf club, if only they can rezone it into a patio/townhouse development. A bleak picture was painted about the future of the city if the country club was not allowed to do this.

Under pressure from the city, the country club had earlier compromised and were asking to rezone the acreage as a Planned Development, instead of the townhouse designation first sought. This PD designation would allow the city more control over the type of construction that goes into the area.

I know a "dog and pony show" when I see one and Mayor Allen Owen obviously stacked this public hearing. Country club members who were in favor of the project were called on by Mayor Allen Owen to speak first. Such luminaries as former Oiler coach Eddie Biles, and Quail Valley Proud den mother Carolyn Bowden spoke in favor of the selling the 16th hole for patio home/townhouse development. By the time the people speaking against the project were allowed to speak, they had been intimidated to the point that speaking against the project seem to be tantamount to consigning Missouri City to "Misery City."

Interestingly, not one of the people in favor of allowing the development lived in that part of Quail Valley. Oh, wait a minute. One guy who spoke in favor lives in the cottages development near there. He told us how good the people running the county club were and he knew this because he worked for the company that designed the master plan for the country club. Remember, these are the same people who last year wanted to sell the pro shop location for an office building.

Allowing this development will mean there will be no green space visible from LaQuinta between Cartwright Road and El Dorado.

And with three townhouse developments within walking distance of the site, we already have enough of that kind of housing in the area.

No, allowing this development is opening up the floodgates to build other developments on the golf course. I predict this is the first of many such endeavors.

The little money that the country club will realize from the sale of this property can't begin to fix what's wrong with that country club if what the club itself said Monday night about it is true. And didn't the company that bought the club know its condition before they plunked down the money for it? Perhaps they bought the club to sell off all its property a piece at a time.

For Quail Valley residents angry about the sale of part of the golf course and the city council's going along with the idea, their only recourse is the ballot box. All of the district councilpersons are up for reelection this year and the last day to file for office is March 19. Those up for election include:

Eunice Rider who represents Fondren Park and Hunters Glen I and II; Don Smith who represents mostly Hunters Glen 3,4,5; Bob Burton who represents Lake Colony, Colony Lakes, part of Quail Valley (the townhouse part); and Brett Kolaja who represents the other part of Quail Valley, Water Brook, and Lake Olympia.

You'll have to wait till next year to get the at large representatives,--Owen, Buddy Jimmerson, and Jerry Wyatt.

You be the judge ..... From what I hear on the street, the judges still haven't reached an agreement about who to hire as an associate judge. When we last left them, Judge Robert Kern and Judge Ron Pope both said publicly they would go along with the majority to hire the best candidate, but they had bumped up the job another $10,000, reposted the job, and all the judges were calling their friends to come apply for this job which paid almost as much as the judges themselves were making.

I've even heard that one certain judge has refused to hire anyone (it has to be a unanimous vote) because he thinks he needs an assistant judge himself and will refuse to go along until he gets his own assistant.

Can you believe it?

You should because this is the same bunch that has to hire a visiting judge to hear their arraignment docket, that was supposed to take turns working a couple of weekends a year to magistrate prisoners and instead hired a visiting judge, that hires visiting judges to hear their cases while they are at some silly out of state/town seminar.

Judges are absolute dictators in their own courtroom, and sometimes they forget that not everybody has to mind them. I have a surprise for some judges. The courthouse has a thousand eyes. People over there know who is working and who isn't. The defense bar and bailiffs and clerks--they keep up with who is doing what and I drink at the same bars they do. Of course, after this I will have to do it with a wig on.

And you know, every few years we get to vote on the judges also. it's not as easy to run for judge as for the Missouri City council, but I imagine we can scare up some support for candidates who are willing to work and get along with each other to keep our criminal justice system humming along.

B. K. Carter is publisher of the Fort Bend Star. You can e-mail her at

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