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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Shrouded in secrecy.....If you remember last week we visited about the First Colony Community Services Assn.’s board of directors election. FCCSA is the giant homeowner’s association that manages many First Colony subdivisions.

At the time of my column last week I felt that something was wrong when it took a CPA firm (designated to count the votes) five days and still no results. The next day, we got the results, and we found out that Eleanor Blain had won outright, but there would be a run-off between two original nominees and two of the write-ins, Myatt Hancock and Howard Paul. And the deadline for this run off would be before the next issue of this paper even came out.

So stranger than the amount of time it took to count 2,000 ballots is the small window of opportunity to vote in the run-off.

Come to find out, if you did not attend the meeting at the Marriott on Thursday, Dec. 9, you can not vote in the run off at all. Only those 90 hardy souls who did attend can vote in the run off. Oh, if you didn’t attend, your ballot that you previously cast will supposedly be recast and your vote counted again. Sorry if you didn’t originally vote for one of the current four. You can’t change your vote if you didn’t attend.

Now follow me on this. If you mailed in, brought in or faxed in your ballot, you can not vote again, but it will be counted.

Do they think we are just dumb? (The short answer is “yes.”) Saying that our vote will be counted again but we can not change it does not mean we can really vote at all. The mailed, brought, faxed ballots that will not change means that we people that voted early really still do not have a voice in the run off. Our votes can’t change so they are the same. It’s as if we did not vote in the run off. Who are they trying to kid.

Who wrote these by-laws? The people who figured the tax compromise between the Democrats and the Republicans? First Colony developer Les Newton?

Come to find out, the association has to have a quorum of votes to even begin the election. If this quorum is missing, the CPA can call some of the commercial members who have a whole lot more votes, to vote if they haven’t previously in order to get this quorum.

Now I know I’ve told you about all these strange things but I have one more. None of the candidates can see how many votes they received in the first round of voting nor can they inspect the ballots, nor can they or their representatives see or witness the counting. All of this has been done out of the eyesight of any candidates and overseen by a shadowy group called the “volunteer election committee” that no one knows how to get on. Some one told me this election “borders on criminality.” I have to agree.

The FCCSA is spending $11 million of our money. It is money that we do not have. I don’t see how it won’t require an increase in annual dues, both for the residential customers and for the commercial members as well.

Board president Don Olson, who is on the Sugar Land City Council as well, doesn’t seem committed to keeping our dues the same, or making any changes in the election policies of the organization.

As a due paying member of FCCSA myself, I think it is time to clean house, starting with the board and executive director. What are they thinking about? Wanting to spend $11 million in this economy? What’s wrong with this picture? And why the secrecy?

Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas!

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