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I'm Sick and Tired...
By Michael Fredrickson

This column expresses the personal opinions/views of General Manager Michael Fredrickson. If you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column, write a SIGNED letter to the editor. Names can be withheld by request with a valid day time phone number. You email comments to Michael@fortbendstar.com.


I’m sick and tired of all the liberal news stories about the Bush Tax Cuts. Current tax rates have been in effect for 10 years! I wouldn’t call anything these dead duck congressmen are working on “Bush Tax Cuts.” That is absolutely idiotic. They don’t refer to social security as the “Roosevelt senior welfare program.”

The fact of the matter is we have these things called tax rates and they have not changed in 10 years. There are no tax-cuts in any current legislation what so ever. Senator Claire McCaskill, Democrat, Missouri, stated that she did not agree with giving more money to millionaires.

The government cannot give money to taxpayers in the first place. Second, there is no more of anything. If we kept current tax rates, everyone will pay the exact same taxes they have paid for the past 10 years. There are no tax cuts proposed by Republicans. What Democrats do propose are tax increases! So the only argument in Washington is about the Obama tax increase. Have you heard even one news media outlet say, ‘Will you agree to the Obama tax increase?’ That is all this is - a tax increase. There are no cuts being proposed!

President Bush cut income taxes for every American that works almost 10 years ago. Today, liberal elites want Obama to pass a tax increase. They don’t want him to compromise by keeping the highest marginal rate at 35 percent. They insist on raising it to 39.5%. This is known as a tax increase?

Currently, income taxes from all the lower marginal rates save taxpayers around $4 trillion over 10 years, while the total savings for the single highest marginal rate is around $700 billion over 10 years. Many Obama voters insist that we need to increase only that highest marginal rate to decrease the deficit. If they were really concerned about the deficit, they would insist on increasing every marginal tax rate to lower the deficit with all $4.7 trillion!

So, if decreasing the deficit has absolutely nothing to do with it, why do they care? These are bitter people. They want the highest marginal rate to increase so the government can confiscate more money from the highest income earners? They think that taking money away from those highest income earners is a “right” since that wealth needs to be spread around.

Not only do these people believe in wealth redistribution, but they also think that the highest income earners “owe it to the country” to pay their (higher) fair share. All this while the lowest 50% of wage earners pay zero income taxes. Where is their fair share?

If they want to roll back any tax bracket to what it was 10 years ago, I think they should roll back federal spending to the same level it was 10 years ago. Every dollar that government takes away from you, takes away your freedom. Every dollar they get is a dollar that your employer doesn’t have to pay for your health care, a dollar that companies don’t have to give you a raise. That is just another dollar that disappears to waste, fraud and corruption that is at all levels of government.

All this talk about imaginary tax cuts, evades the much more important question... where are the spending cuts? What government program cut has your congressman proposed? Why do congressmen and senators receive anything other than Social Security? We pay them over $175,000 a year to go to Washington to spend OUR money. They argue about how to spend it and what to spend it on (i.e. what special interest to reward and what enemy to punish).

I want to hear some arguing about spending cuts, eliminating federal pensions (in other words free money). I want Republicans and Democrats to be arguing about what government programs to cut or eliminate all together.

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Contact michael@fortbendstar.com, if you would like to express your opinions/views regarding the column. Write a SIGNED letter to the editor with valid day time phone number--name can be withheld by request.

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