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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Can’t win for losing......It’s still two years away, and the local sheriff’s race is hot almost every day.

As I’ve told you before, our duly elected sheriff, Milton Wright (we call him Sheriff Wrong) quit almost the week after he started his new term and is currently “stealing” his salary since he doesn’t work anymore. He turned the department over to his chief deputy, Craig Brady, who is running for sheriff. But a recent edict went out that if you worked at the sheriff’s department, you MUST have a bumper sticker on your personal vehicle to support Deputy Chief Craig Brady’s incessant campaign.

The only problem is that if you have a bumper sticker supporting Brady, you are in danger of having your car keyed. Yes, even if you are a big ol’ cop. If you see any cars with TWO bumper stickers, it just means some big ol’ cop’s wife refused to put it on her car. Just doesn’t hardly seem fair, does it?

Fancy footwork doesn’t always save you.......Our former U.S. Representative Tom DeLay may have displayed some smooth steps on “Dancing with the Stars” but according to reports I’ve read, his lawyer stumbled big time and proved the prosecution’s case against Tom for money laundering. Oopsy.

I think even Tom’s biggest detractors don’t want him to do any hard prison time. After all, it was just really a political crime. However, it changed the face of politics in Texas and made Austin as hyper-partisan as Washington. And as Tom said about Bill Clinton, “He broke the law!”

So I think Tom should at least have to wear an orange jumpsuit and march around Sugar Land Town Square with a sandwich board that says, “I’ve been a bad, bad boy!”

Let’s not kids ourselves. Tom has been and is still being punished. Power is Tom’s reward and he has been punished for the past five years that he has been out of power.

I can’t imagine to what Rubicon Tom arrived to make him resign in the first place, but I think he thought he would resign, answer the charges and be thankful that’s all anyone had on him. In short order, he would go to trial, be found not guilty, and the white bread placeholder he and his cronies put in his place, Pete Olson would disappear and Tom could resume his rightful place as king of the Republicans. Remember, this is the man who lead the impeachment of Bill Clinton for having sex in the oval office. Tom always wanted to have that kind of fun, and Washington is the place to have it.

So Tom DeLay’s punishment has already been a long time--the past five years he has been in Sugar Land.

Washington and the Republicans have moved on.

Mystery solved.....As many of you know, I was on 48 Hours Mystery this past week and I have received the wildest e-mails since. I guess people can just look up your name and find your e-mail address because I’ve heard from people all over the United States and Costa Rica.

The reason I specifically mentioned Costa Rica is that it is part of the answer to a 20-year old mystery. A lady who now lives there e-mailed me from there to admit that she and her husband attended a Halloween party at my house 20 years ago, dressed in trench coats and masks and left before anyone knew who they were. She is admitting it after all these years and e-mailed me that she would have lunch with me the next time she is in Sugar Land.

Voting is ongoing.....The ballots for the board election of First Colony Community Association have all been sent and you should have received them by now. Remember, this is your HOA and it is going to take your $640 annual dues and eventually close your pools and build a tacky “splash pad” in your neighborhood. Nothing you can do can stop them as they don’t listen to the residents even when they come with a 1,000-signature petition. As it is now, the executive director controls who gets on the ballot and which ballots get counted. Board members who speak up do not get on the ballot next time, and no sense of openness or transparency exists in the organization.

The $11 million FCCA is planning on spending will eventually cause an increase in dues. Many claim that FCCA is bloated with employees and overhead.

It is past time for a change. Eleanor Blain has been endorsed by many of the people proposing changes and two write-in candidates, both with excellent credentials who were not allowed to be placed on the ballot, are running--Myatt Hancock and Howard Paul. Those supporting reform are also endorsing them.

The ballots must be mailed or faxed by Dec. 3 with the vote at the annual meeting at the Marriott on Dec. 9, 7 p.m. (FAX is 832-645-7514).

What’s not to like?.....I watched Barbara Walters’ program where she interviewed President Obama and his wife Michelle. When you watch them you can see they are the nicest people--nice looking, well spoken, caring, family oriented.

I honestly can’t understand why some people hate him so much unless its the color of his skin. I know I get mad at him about not being more forceful about his beliefs and dealing with the Republicans and their message of hate. But I think in the long run, he wants to be remembered like President Lincoln, his hero.

I think he wants to be a president that goes about his business and tries to get along with all parties.

George Bush was the same way. He never said mean things. People said hard things about him and he was an honorable man also. He has continued to be an honorable man out of office.

What am I thankful for? I’m thankful that Thanksgiving is over.

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