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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Just digging it deeper....Sherrie Knoepfel, Executive Director of the First Colony Community Association, sent out an e-mail last week telling candidates for the FCCA board election coming up that placing candidate signs in one’s own yard will subject the homeowner to a fine.

Are we still living in America or not? Does Sherrie think we live in the United States of First Colony and she is the president, congress, and court?

Just today, she finally called me back (after several threats to print whatever I wanted). I guess she finally figured out that she had gone too far and really made a fool of herself and the association. She said the association had decided to allow the candidate signs on private property.

Of course, most of us have already figured out that the FCCA board election is a sham anyway. The rules are skewed so that Ms. Knoepfel and other board members can decide not only who gets to run, but what votes get counted.

Only about 10% of the residents vote as they do not look at their FCCA newsletter.

Instead, over the past 5 years, the annual elections have been decided by 7-10 commercial members who vote for the persons on the published ballot after being solicited to do so by FCCA employees or current FCCA directors.

First, anyone who openly questions decisions of present or past FCCA directors or the FCCA executive director do not get nominated for election as a FCCA director. A rigorous application process culls all but the determined.

FCCA has over 30 employees. It has been totally unresponsive to the desires of residents in certain areas about questions which would affect them. It’s time for a change of elected leadership and possibly, a change of hired leadership.

The ballots were mailed out this week in your newsletter. Please vote for the following directors who are running on a reform platform. They are Eleanor Blain, a candidate on the ballot, and two other highly qualified individuals, Myatt Hancock and Howard Paul, who are running a write-in campaign.

Talk about grass roots! This is where the political process starts in your own neighborhood.

Circle of Bubba.....I am equally outraged by the actions of several of our local police departments.

Several weeks ago the Star ran a picture of a political sign affixed to a county car parked in the 2012 sheriff candidate’s driveway, Chief Deputy Craig Brady. Brady then told sources at the courthouse that he was just trying to get the wrinkles out of the sign. Really?

So in short he admitted to taking the sign off his personal vehicle where it was not visible from the street and placing it on his county vehicle where it could get sun light to reduce the wrinkles.

From the pictures, it appears he was successful. There did not appear to be any wrinkles on the sign in the photographs of his political signs on his taxpayer owned/government car.

After that story ran in the paper, the Star was notified by citizens who said they had seen that official driving around on the public roadway in his taxpayer car with his political signs affixed. Hello? Does anyone see a problem here?

In response to our story, that official began to target his neighbors for retribution. It has now gone so far that police cars are stopping garbage trucks to collect the trash from specific homes on his street. We can’t make this stuff up...truth is stranger than fiction and paranoia, it will get you every time!

So Chief Deputy Craig Brady is spending his time trying to find some dirt (pardon the pun) on his neighbors instead of chasing criminals. And he want to be the next sheriff.

Which is okay I guess since the current sheriff doesn’t work either except to spit on the floor and play dominos!

Then, the next week Stafford police jumped a robbery suspect as he careened out of the parking lot of a Stafford motel (right in front of our office) with loot in hand - all $198.00 dollars of it. As far as the response to the robbery and the ensuing chase, nearly textbook, if you don’t take into account the burned up police car that scorched the median near Kendleton. That, by the way, remains under investigation. And if you don’t count all the dead cows since so many bullets were flying, they had to have hit SOMETHING!

But the capture of the robbery suspect all went well and basically by the book until a Rosenberg officer, Cullen Brady, came running up after the suspect was shot twice and on the ground bleeding. This Rosenberg officer began to kick and stomp the robber. He had to be forced away by fellow officers.

Police swear it was captured on video tape. So the Star has filed a open records request with Stafford, the originating police agency; the Fort Bend County Sheriff, the investigating agency, and the Rosenberg police, the alleged offending police agency, since they purportedly ALL have dash cam videos of the incident in their possession. Those requests have been declined citing a pending investigation. However, Rosenberg has not removed that officer from the street pending their so- called investigation, and Chief Robert Gracia actually had the nerve to tell me that according to his investigation, the officer was in compliance with Rosenberg police rules of excessive force.

Of course, this is not the first prisoner that Rosenberg has roughed up recently. I asked Chief Gracia if he was training his men for Iraq. Don’t even get a speeding ticket in Rosenberg or they’ll beat the hell out of you.

In an even stranger turn of events, the Rosenberg police lieutenant who was assigned to investigate the Rosenberg patrolman for kicking and stomping that suspect, on the following Saturday, he himself was involved in a domestic situation at his house, in the county’s jurisdiction requiring over two hours of police presence. We’ve also asked for the 9-1-1 tape of that incident to no avail.

So you ask, why does that make a difference? Well, now the investigator is the investigatee by the alleged offender’s father’s agency. Pay close attention here, the Rosenberg patrolman at the center of the controversy of the chase, well, he’s the son of the Sheriff’s chief deputy. The Rosenberg lieutenant who is investigating the chief deputy’s son was involved in a domestic violence call the following Saturday at his home just blocks away from the chief deputy’s residence in Fort Bend County’s jurisdiction. And, that Rosenberg Lieutenant is the son of the Chief Deputy’s jail commander. Could it be the sins of the father?

Can you see the circle of Bubba? Folks, law west of the Brazos is spooky and more intertwined with relatives than a hillbilly family picnic. Makes me glad I live in Sugar Land and Missouri City. The chiefs here ain’t no Bubbas.

FBISD, the smart group.....We learned last week that 3 FBISD board members stayed in an expensive Houston hotel because they were attending a meeting close by. The meetings were a little over 20 miles from their homes but in this day of cutting teachers and watching pennies, Laurie Caudwell, Marilyn Glover, and Jim Rice just couldn’t make that long drive home and be back for a meeting the next day.

FYI: they stayed late at night to go eat at an expensive restaurant with district vendors picking up the tab.

They ought to be ashamed.

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