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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


The Silly Season.....The national political news is so silly that I was kinda feeling let down because most of the races in Fort Bend are pretty up front and honest. (Well, except for Jeff McMeans who is running on his father’s name and little else.)

But then I got an email on the Star’s website a couple of weeks ago from someone named Chris Meeks. In the email, he/she (I didn’t know which as “Chris” is not gender specific) acknowledged that I had already editorially supported Bob Hebert for county judge. “Chris” said she (I have since found out she is female) could eliminate county property taxes by investing it according to a plan formulated by someone named Walter Burien who has a plan for investing tax money in the stock/commodities market. She was launching a write-in campaign.

I dismissed Ms. Meeks’ candidacy because I’m not a big believer in anything or anyone that wants to invest my tax money in some kind of gambling, which as we all know is what the stock market really is. The Republicans had already floated that same idea about social security and it fell like a lead balloon.

Come to find out, Meeks is supposedly her maiden name as it is simple and easy to spell for a write-in campaign. So I don’t even know her real name or where she lives. I don’t even know if she lives in Fort Bend.

Imagine my surprise when I opened a couple of the other local newspapers and saw Ms. Meeks being treated as a serious candidate.

I’m sorry. A serious candidate doesn’t launch a campaign by simply emailing editors.

Other political antics......Reporter LeaAnne Klentzman has a story in this week’s Star about a Fort Bend deputy running for sheriff in 2012. He is currently breaking the law and county policy by running around with a campaign sign on his county-owned car.

But in addition to his car problems, he also lists the county address and phone number on his campaign website. I just don’t see how anyone could be a good sheriff if he doesn’t realize that the assets of Fort Bend County are not his to politicize, Oh! Wait! He’s been allowed to do it for years by the current sheriff. He has treated the sheriff’s department as his personal fiefdom for years. He doesn’t understand that it’s wrong or breaking the law. What a guy. I can’t help but believe this would continue in the future if he were elected.

And then something else.....Albert Hollan who is running for district judge against Brady Elliott who has been the judge for umpteen (almost 20) years has complained that Elliott has accepted two $2,500 political contributions from Swift Boat fame, Houston home builder Bob Perry. Perry gave Elliott $2,500 and his wife gave Elliott $2,500.

Hollan quoted the Texas Election code Section 253.1621 which holds that a judicial candidate can not accept over $2,500 if the population of the district is under 1 million people. And he quotes Section 253.155 and 253.157 which says a contribution by the spouse or child of an individual is considered to be a contribution by the individual.

Hollan makes the point that both Judge Brady Elliott and the Perrys are sophisticated political contributors and surely know that they are not allowed to double-up on their contributions to favored judges in violation of the state Election Code.

I asked Judge Elliott about the contribution and he said he looked at the law when he received the donation and didn’t feel like it violated it. He said he has no plans of giving any of the contribution back, but that he would revisit the laws about it.

Unless someone complains to the District Attorney or the Texas Ethics Commission, that’s where it will stand.

And then Sugar Land.....blocked the entrance to the early voting site at the Austin Parkway location on the first two days of early voting. I received photos from two people trying to vote. City Manager Alan Bogard fessed up and admitted the city made a mistake. He promised to have the driveway open by Wednesday. FYI: there are several other Early Voting sites.

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