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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


I let a television program interview me last week. I didn’t really want to because in my mind’s eye, I am much younger, prettier, and thinner than I show up on a camera. But I remember when I started a local television channel that was a precursor to the municipal channel that exists today.

However, ours was much better. We had a three times a week newscast, Linda Howell went to parties and interviewed everyone who would stand still, and we taped and showed all the football games. My daughter, Sherry Carter, who is in the video business, ran it for me and it was pretty good if I say so myself. We also taped commissioner’s court, school board meetings, and city council meetings, which was a novel idea in Fort Bend back then. We had to twist some arms to get them to let us do it. Some elected officials were convinced that people would want to sign up and talk during the “hear from the public” part of the meeting just to get their faces on television. That didn’t happen although some elected officials did a little grandstanding themselves while the camera was on.

But I got crosswise with former Sugar Land mayor Dean Hrbacek and he pulled the plug on it.

Punish me! Little did Hrbacek know that I never made a penny in that businesses so I was relatively relieved when I was sent to the bleachers.

I hated disappointing all the people we had assembled to help with the production, but that was that.

All of this brings me to the point I was attempting to make about agreeing to do an interview. I had experienced some people’s hesitancy about appearing on camera, so when “48 Hours” appealed to me on that level, I was weak.

Now since the hour-long show will distill a 2 1/2 week trial which they taped almost all, and countless other interviews, my part will probably be cut to about 15 seconds. But we taped for two hours and let me tell you about it.

It was at the Marriott where “48 Hours” had booked a meeting room. They had several cameras set up although it was dark and I couldn’t tell how many. They told me that all of the camera men were local, meaning Houston, and a couple lived in Fort Bend and frequently work for “48 Hours.”

Before I went I got all gussied up, laid my make-up on with a trowel, and did my hair. I was going for the Tammye Fay Bakker look, without the crying.

But when I got there, they had hired a make-up artist who went to work on me in earnest. I guess they thought I really needed the help!

I was interviewed by on air correspondent Richard Schlesinger whom I had met at the trial and started talking to because I thought I knew him. Well, duh, I had seen him on the show many times but just didn’t connect it. When he told me his name, I asked if he was related to Robert (Newsweek), Arthur M. (Robert Kennedy biography) or James (CIA, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Energy) all of whom had a last name of Schlesinger. He claimed, “Nope, I’m not that smart.”

Although he claims to not be very smart, he sure can interview. He asked me every question I hadn’t even thought of--twice!

We sat there and I could feel my hair flattening. But I didn’t feel so bad as his head was shining and he had to keep applying powder. Nobody offered to powder me except the make-up artist who had left by that time.

Anyway, although I was dreading it, the “shoot” ended up being worlds of fun as you can see by my picture included here. It may all end up on the cutting room floor, but it was especially interesting to see how real professionals handle interviews.


Give Obama a Nobel Peace Prize.

I’ll admit that Obama really hasn’t done quite as many things as most people do to get a Nobel, but it was so much fun watching the Republicans beside themselves. I thought Rush (what kind of drug name is that?) Limbaugh’s head was going to swivel around like the girl from

“The Exorcist.”

However, whether you want to admit it or not, Obama has been very busy his first 10 months in office. He’s averted an economic crisis; he’s strengthened international diplomacy; he’s made some peace with the Muslim world; he’s spurred the health care debate; and he’s working on everything he said he would, including, finally, gays in the military. But finally, the number one thing that Obama has done---he’s not George Bush. That’s not my thought. I think that’s the Nobel committee’s thought.

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