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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Nazi vs Nazi.....I used to love "Mad" magazine’s Spy vs. Spy cartoons. Do they even print "Mad" anymore?

Anyway, I got a giggle last week when I discovered that the City of Sugar Land poured another parking lot next door to the police headquarters on Hwy. 6. That was just fine until the neighborhood Nazi, AKA First Colony Community Services, rolled out their deed restrictions and made them plant bushes all around the parking lot to screen it from travelers on Hwy 6. Just what we need--a hidden parking lot.

The Skeeters.....I keep hearing rumors that the new baseball term will be named the “Skeeters.” 

Where did Opening Day Partners get that name, you may ask. I believe they found it in an East Texas trailer park and at least they didn’t put forth the other names they found there--Boogers, and Dirty Fingernails.

Someone told me Sugar Land Councilman Russell Jones was pushing it. Russell doesn’t even have any taste in his mouth, much less about team names. 

I wonder if Opening Day Partners has some uniforms or logo for Skeeters left over from some former failed team. 

One reason offered by ODP for not being able to use “The Imperials” was that it was a copyrighted name used by a business. Evidently, ODP has never heard of the restaurant chain, Skeeters.

There are also many other Skeeter companies. Go ahead. Look it up on the internet--Skeeters Auto Service, Skeeter Boaters, Skeeter BBQ, Skeeter Saddles, and even  another baseball team, the Jersey City Skeeters, a vintage baseball team that’s started its second season. 

I don’t know why I’m complaining. I’m probably never going to sit in an open field in August where sun has turned the metal seats into instruments of torture and be eaten up by the namesakes of the team I’m watching. Or, spend the night breathing in the pesticide that has been sprayed earlier that day. I’m not wishing them any bad luck and I hope my grandsons enjoy attending events there, hearing the thwack of the bat connecting with the ball, the cheer of the crowd and the sing-song of the vendors selling popcorn and peanuts.  I just hope they never have to say, “Go Skeeters!”

See a story elsewhere in this paper about a poll taken after the three names were announced earlier last month. Neighborhood volunteer Sue Hauenstein, a former school board member, and someone with absolutely no agenda of her own, established a web site for people to send in their names for the team. Sue did this when she sent out an email immediately after the names were announced and received back so much negative comment about the name choices. Sue served on the original committee that looked at the whole baseball stadium idea. She was very excited about it.....until the name announcement which cooled her enthusiasm somewhat. 

New leadership for FCCA?....There were 12 applicants for the three board positions for First Colony Community Association. These 12 applicants will then meet with the nomination committee Thursday and Monday for interviews about themselves and who should run.The members of the nominating committee are The FCCA nominating members are: Betty Caveny, Debbie Coffman, Scott Jacobson, Russell Jones, KC Mehta, Kermit Palmer, and Donnell Williams. 

I have little confidence in the procedure since FCCA controls who runs against whom. I’m sure management will do its best to make sure the strongest candidates who do finally make the ballot will have to run against each other thereby still controlling the agenda. As far as I’m concerned a group which refuses to listen to over 1,000 signatures of its neighbors is a group that is being managed autocratically and with personal agendas. 

I think it is interesting that Board President Don Olson, who is also on the Sugar Land City Council, is part and parcel of the group that made the city spend all the extra money planting bushes around a temporary parking lot. Good times!

If we know, we tell....Rumors of a substantial amount of money missing at Marshall High School have not been confirmed by any of the hired liars at FBISD, but the amount missing has grown from the $40,000 we first heard to now over $100,000 in less than a week. We’ve heard these rumors from more than one source. We believe some amount of money is missing. We've also been told that a former principal at Marshall, Al Reynolds, who was reassigned this summer to assistant athletic director, has resigned. The case is being investigated by the FBISD police department using the district's in-house auditors. Watch these pages for additional information.

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