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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Why I’m mad at Obama....Let me see. First I think I’ll go through all the reasons I’m NOT mad at Obama. I don’t believe he is a Muslin. I do believe he is a citizen of the U.S.

I don’t believe he is turning our country over to the godless Communists. I do believe he salutes the flag.

I don’t think he holds the Saudi king’s hand like George Bush (I’ve seen pictures).

I salute his nomination of two women as Supreme Court Justices (it’s about time that group was almost even).

What I’m mad about is his sissy reaction to all the mean, mean things the Republicans say about him. He promised us change and we voted for him because of that. Then he got elected and still let the Republicans with their politics of no and their mouths of mass destruction try to defeat everything the other party did, even if it was good for the country.

Yet instead of fighting back, instead of meeting mean with mean, he simply turned the other cheek and limply soldiered on.

I don’t mind losing. I just don’t like losing without a fight. I’d rather go down in flames than with a whimper.

George Bush and his brand of Republicans almost ruined this country. We didn’t even realize how bad it was. Now we are in a hole which climbing out of seems impossible, particularly when we don’t have a president who is philosophically able to kick ass and take names. We need a president who will do the right thing no matter the politics. I mistakingly thought that’s what we had.

And we’ve learned that John McCain can’t and wouldn’t have done that either. He’s now backed off even calling himself a “maverick” in order to get re-elected in his home state. He’s out-sissied even sissy Obama.

It seems the Republicans are good for one thing--coming up with the next goofiest things--like this north Texas representative who claims illegal immigrants are sneaking into the U.S. to have babies with American birth certificates who will come back 20 years later and plot from the inside.

We already have plenty plotting from the inside. They are generally known as mouths of mass destruction.

You could knock me over with a feather....I received a press release this week that the local Democrats have hired a local campaign executive director. He’s Nick Hellyar who graduated from Elkins High School not too many years ago. His job is to turn out Democratic votes in the upcoming November election.

Somebody is getting serious and what is most surprising to me is a local boy could grow up to be a Democrat. I thought all Fort Bend kids were implanted with a Republican chip either at birth or soon after moving here.

I mentioned to someone that I thought the Democrats were throwing good money after bad to be hiring someone when Obama was not at the top of the ticket. I also think the news is dire and will improve by the 2012 election cycle, a time to really push.

Then I was reminded that the big race in Texas for this year is the governor’s race. And surely even many Republicans will be voting for Bill White. Oh yeah. I forgot about that.

I think Governor Good Hair has about got on our last nerve. I can’t imagine where he is still getting support. Oh, I just remembered. It’s that chip.

I spent the first 60 years of my life being a good little Republican. Much of that time was spent fighting to get good candidates into office.

Then when they got into office, they acted worse than the Democrats. I wouldn’t be a Republican now because of embarrassment even if I wanted to.

But I’m not much more enamored of the Democrats. Although like the Tea Party I think we should throw most of the rascals out. Those Tea Party people are just a bunch of racists who have gotten theirs and don’t want anybody else to get anything. Most of them are on Medicare and Social Security, yet they carp about keeping government out of their lives. Unbelievable.

If we know we tell.....It’s long past time to file their semi-annual Contribution and Expenditure reports, yet several local politicians have not, and at least one may be accused of double dipping.

The County Judge and County Commissioners had reports due by mid-July for the previous six months, ending on June 30. In addition to filing them in the Elections office at the county, they can avail themselves the opportunity of filing on the county’s web-site in the interest of full disclosure and to allow you and me to see them without having to drive to Rosenberg before 4 p.m. to physically get a copy of them.

I haven’t checked with the Elections office yet as I can only assume our County Judge and County Commissioners have followed the law and filed them there. But I know two who have NOT filed them on the county’s web site because I can only guess they don’t want to make it easy for us to see them. Those two miscreants are Richard Morrison and Andy Meyers, both of whom should have a good chewing out. And those that deserve a good pat on the back are County Judge Bob Hebert, and County Commissioner James Patterson and County Commissioner Grady Prestage.

Now in Missouri City, several candidates in the May election are lacking in their filing skills. One notable standout is former mayoral candidate Cynthia Lenton-Gary, whose whole campaign from the day she decided to run for city council has been predicated on questionable rent houses and such.

And we’ve all been reading about the state representatives who have been double-dipping. They use their campaign funds to pay for that part of their Austin expenses that their per diem does not stretch to cover. Either way, they are not paying taxes on the money and some say this is illegal while others say it is a grey area. I don’t have room to discuss it this week, but I will explore it further next week. Several of our legislators were singled out for NOT using campaign money for Austin living expenses. They were Glenn Hegar, Joan Huffman, and John Zerwas. More about it next week.

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