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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Goodbye dear Cheryl....We had a memorial service for Cheryl Skinner this weekend. This should be her epithet: On her deathbed, dying of cancer, and living 90 miles away, Cheryl Skinner helped us produce the best news-filled, unbiased, and interesting front page than all the other local weeklies combined. Cheryl could always write a good story.

Cheryl had written a piece for Mother’s Day. Her son, Stephen, who cut his journalism teeth at the Star, had written one also without seeing his mother’s. They are surprising alike and are posted on my website: I invite you to read both touching stories.

When you overturn a rock.....During campaign season, all the cockroaches slither out to spread their dirt in the neighborhood. Last week, I was in Quail Valley, working on my house there, when someone came to the yard which clearly had Owen, Wyatt, Nguyen signs posted in the front yard. This person was handing out muck-raking literature about Danny Nguyen and was trying to take up Nguyen signs because, according to this fellow, “he lies,” or “he’s a communist.”

In campaigning, much like in real estate, people with integrity don’t cross signs. If a realtor sees a sign in someone’s yard, they don’t go knock on the door and ask to try to sell that house for the owner. They may take prospective buyers to the house, but never do they try to “steal” a listing from another realtor. They respect the sign placed in the yard.

The same usually holds true for political campaigns. Most campaigners have too many people that are non-committed to spend time trying to convince committed voters to vote for their guy. They don’t go to a house which is clearly marked as supporting someone else.


When I came outside the gate to take the literature he was handing out, the campaigner said “You’re Bev Carter!” and turned tail and ran.

Karla Dion, who was helping me, started laughing and said, “Hey, Bev. You sure know how to scare ‘em off.”

We looked around and tried to figure out who he was campaigning for. The Hilliers next door had their same signs up, the same signs I have. But one new sign had popped up on the street for Kevin Tunstall and Clay Alumbaugh. So I thought the man handing out the literature was Kevin Tunstall because I figured that Clay Alumbaugh, a teacher, was probably at work.

Later, while I was still in Quail Valley, Karla called me and said the man had appeared at her house a little further down the street and told her father a bunch of stuff and took Danny Nguyen’s sign from her yard.

I decided “enough already,” and jumped in my trusty steed, my 2005 Tahoe which loves posse duty and fact-finding missions.

All the way down El Dorado and no sign puller. But way down on LaQuinta, I saw a familiar figure. Just about the time I saw him, the neighborhood exploded as Iris Young, a Quail Valley resident, saw him going into a neighbor’s house and came out to investigate. He had just left her house and tried to take her Nguyen sign. She was on to him. I’m watching from across the street as I’m intent on following him and getting a car license number.

Iris calls her husband Jim Young who runs back into the house and gets his camera. Silly me, I’m on the most important sleuthing job I’ve had all week and I’m only equipped with a camera on my phone.

Now people up and down the street are calling each other, emailing and comparing notes about what a man calling himself “Jim” has done. Meanwhile the real Jim Young snapped the picture included in this column of the purported “Jim” who has been identified as Chris Calvin, a Pecan Grove resident who has been barred from living in Sienna by the courts and supposedly can not live in any Larry Johnson development anywhere in the whole world. I guess that would make me bitter too.

Every time Missouri City has an election, Mr. Calvin stirs up as much trouble as he can, accusing everyone but himself with a lack of character. This is the same Mr. Calvin who had a blog and created several different bloggers to keep talking to each other. It was quite amusing to read. Talk about multiple personalities. Mr. Calvin gave them a home on his blog.

For several years, I have received letters to the editor from Mr. Calvin questioning my integrity because I support people he doesn’t like. If I support someone he doesn’t agree with then it’s because I’m being paid off, according to Mr. Calvin.

MESSAGE to Mr. Calvin: if I am being paid off, I want a newer and nicer posse car. My five year old Chevrolet ain’t gonna cut it in the sleuthing parade.

And another message: Mr. Calvin would be better off slithering back under his Pecan Grove rock and leaving Missouri City politics to those who pay taxes there.

And if Mr. Calvin, who claims to have a doctor’s degree, has any kind of degree from a reputable college, I want to know which one it is as they didn’t teach him much grammar or ethics.

Don't forget to vote Saturday in Missouri City, Meadows Place, Stafford, FBISD and SMSD!

I also don’t know why the post office doesn’t fine him as he put lots of papers in mail boxes if they had a Nguyen sign in their yards.

By the way.....I take back what I said about Sugar Land last week. I belatedly discovered who was up for re-election and found it was Mayor Jimmy Thompson, City Councilwoman Jacqueline Chaumette, and Councilman Thomas Abraham. I ran into Gay Thompson at Garden Ridge and in the course of our conversation, she mentioned it. No wonder they didn’t draw opposition. Who wants to run against three of the most able and popular elected officials in not only Sugar Land, but Fort Bend as well?

As a good newspaper woman, I should have known it was Thompson, Chaumette, and Abraham, but then I’ve never claimed to be a “good” newspaper woman.

Hey, I work for a weekly newspaper, and I wait until the dust settles to even find out who is running for what. And if no one is running, I forget it and worry about all the other cities where people are running.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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