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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Small town politics, Part 1....I flat love small town politics. Why watch TV when small town politics are as trite and banal as the best sitcoms?

Fulshear, the little town to the northwest of Sugar Land, you know the direct route to IH 10 before the advent of Hwy. 99 or the Beltway?

For many, many years it has been that sleepy little town in the sharp curve of FM 359, famous for Dozier’s Meat Market and later, Weston Lakes County Club (although not in the city limits). 

But lately, so much development has been planned that Fulshear may someday rival, if not Sugar Land, at least Richmond and Rosenberg, for development. In other words, it’s ggrroowing, which makes it ripe for a Boss Hawg type political system. And lately, that’s just what has happened. 

At a city council meeting this past week, the mayor had decided that as his last official act, he would fire the police chief who had been guilty of  pulling up illegally placed political signs. The mayor called them “govermint signs” because they were signs of his friends and relatives running for office. The very act of them running for office turned those political signs into government signs, according to the mayor although I think the attorney general would laugh into next Wednesday at that definition.

But cooler heads prevailed and the city attorney told him to sit down and shut up.

Well, maybe in not those words and I’m only repeating this third hand, but the story is that the city attorney said the city couldn’t afford the legal ramifications sure to come if the police chief were fired for such a silly thing.

However, the mayor did let his kids and relatives get up and castigate anyone who spoke ill of the soon to be former mayor. 

Fulshear breathed a sigh of relief and by the time the next city council meets a new mayor will be installed. Hopefully, not Boss Hawg’s hand picked protege, a former mayor and city councilman who wants to get rid of the police department and turn law enforcement over to Frick and Frack (aka Milton Wright and Craig Brady) at the sheriff’s department. Seems I read somewhere that Fulshear has the largest land area of any city in Fort Bend County. Like our Fort Bend deputies need some more area to patrol without any help. Or could it just open up a lot of large campaign wallets in that part of Fort Bend?

Small town politics, Part 2....And over in Missouri City, a hot little city election is going on. 

Now I think that the more candidates who run for office in a small town, (this year it’s Stafford and Missouri City) the healthier the political climate is, even if name calling commences. 

The reason I say that is because several people running for office is usually a sign that the citizenry is engaged and interested in its leaders. I have some concerns about Sugar Land since no one is running in that city. Either citizens are happy with their city government, or they could just care less. I hope it’s the first reason but suspect it may be more of the latter since most people who live in Sugar Land think they live in Houston. Don’t get mad at me. You know it’s true.

Over in Missouri City, the mayor and one councilman incumbent are running and one open seat is up for grabs. 

The mayor’s race concerns me. Allen Owen has been mayor of Missouri City for 16 years and on the city council before that for 8 years. I ain’t saying he is perfect, no politician is, but Owen isn’t much of a politician either--at least in the negative sense of the word. I’ve never seen him pull any punches, and he always pretty much tells it like it is.

I can’t imagine the city coming through the economic crisis it has just experienced with someone other than Owen at the helm. He’s always right there. In the past few years, he has missed two council meetings--once in 2006 and once in 2007. It’s not much fun being Allen Owen’s  mayor pro tem.

And while I hate to say anything about a woman in politics since I encourage more of my sisters to throw their hats into the ring, Owen’s opponent, a lady named Cynthia Lenton-Gary has missed 13 meetings so far in her council term. She is only bested by one other council member, who shall be nameless until he is up for election. 

And the one night Missouri City had a workshop to unveil the plans and  awarding $1,000,000 for the beautification of Texas Parkway (Lenton-Gary’s District where  she says the city never does anything), she skips the council meeting to attend a meeting of local pastors so she could campaign for her election. 

I’ve heard through the grapevine that Lenton-Gary wants to get off the city council, which she had to do to run for mayor. Losing as mayor is a good way to get off. I’m just saying.....

Elsewhere in Missouri City, you can’t imagine the attacks against one of the candidates running for the open seat, a nice young Vietnamese American named Danny Nguyen (pronounced Win). I don’t understand why the other candidates can’t spend their time and money telling everyone their attributes and future plans for the city.

Oh, what am I thinking? In politics it’s no fun saying nice things about yourself when you can attack the front runner.

If we know, we tell.....I received an email from a fellow who lives in the area and knew about an attempted murder and wanted to know why it was never reported in the Star.

I replied that Sheriff Milton Wright and his deputy Craig Brady don’t like the Star’s criticism of them so don’t allow the public information officer to tell the Star what is going on. Nor are we invited to press conferences. I pointed out that the press conferences and public information officer were paid with taxpayers funds but Sheriff Wright and Deputy Brady didn’t care enough about the taxpayers to make sure they are informed. I sent a copy of my reply to Sheriff Wright, not being one who wants to talk behind his back.

This is an exact copy of the email I got back from the sheriff and my answer to him:

Sheriff Milton Wright

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, 1410 Williams Way, Richmond, Texas 77469

You are so full of s***. 

My answer:
Is that a letter to the editor, you erudite, silver-tongued devil?

Bev Carter

Now I know the sheriff had a hard time passing the test to get into the DPS before he had a hard time passing the test to get into the Texas Rangers, but many years have ensued and you would think he would have learned something. Like not sending an email to the newspaper with a nasty word indicated. Think of the little children. 

And is this all he can come up with? I’m sure he thinks he’s real smart and is going around with his chest stuck out, bragging about how he told me off.

This is how dumb the sheriff is. He squired around a district attorney candidate who had the proclivities of presidential candidate John Edwards, then he has tried to tell everybody that his Chief Deputy has changed his life in the last few years and would be a good sheriff. 

Would that be the years the Chief Deputy divorced the mother of his 4 children after 30+ years, impregnated a jailer who worked under him, married her and immediately promoted her to detective in charge of investigating sex crimes against women (fast promotion track at the sheriff’s department), announced he was running for sheriff the first month into the current sheriff’s four year term and on the day an “anonymous” donor gave every patrolman and detective $1,000. Is that the life changes the sheriff’s talking about?

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