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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Welcome to my court.....County Court at Law Diva, er...Judge Bud Childers is at it again. You may remember a couple of weeks ago I busted him in this column for parking in front of a “No Parking” sign and, at the same time, blocking a handicapped parking spot.

Judge Bud is more than a little immature. He’s like one of those kids who gets so excited about his birthday party that his momma has to spank him before the party to settle him down. 

Now Bud is leaving for Germany and a one week judicial conference stretched into another week vacation. Nobody resents Diva Bud for his vacation, but for the life of me I can’t see how a judicial conference in Germany  will expand his knowledge of Texas laws. After all, he is a county court-at-law judge which usually handles small civic cases, juvenile cases, probates, and less serious criminal offenses--nothing a world-wide judicial conference would address. It’s simply a way of travelling abroad and writing it off your income taxes. Like most Republicans, Judge Bud doesn’t want to pay any more taxes than he has to and if he can travel abroad and take it off his taxes, who’s to complain?

However, the trip does put him off his oatmeal. How else to explain his little girl fit when one of the county clerk’s assistants showed up in his courtroom with only one piece of paper to a file and she was supposed to have two pieces? To rub salt in a wound, Judge Bud also received a court record that had been mailed a month earlier, yet the postmark said “April 2..”

So it was time to act and act decisively. Judge Bud had a hand delivered letter sent to Fort Bend County Clerk Dianne Wilson, who is in charge of all those files for all those judges, asking her to explain in writing why one page of a file was missing and why the discrepancy in the postmark of the other file. 

I guess after he sent the letter he had second thoughts because minutes later Judge Bud then sent a “capias” warrant through the sheriff’s office to have Dianne Wilson arrested and brought to his court. Maybe he didn’t think she would show up since he doesn’t allow purses in his courtroom. Dianne might have to leave her Coach purse in her car right next to the county jail and if it is stolen, then she would have to really get mad at Judge Bud. 

A whole list of things he doesn’t allow in his courtroom were discussed in a previous Bev’s Burner. See

According to some of Wilson’s clerks, Judge Bud has made more than one cry, and they are requesting combat pay to have to go to his court.

I don’t understand why the public continues to put up with Judge Bud. He has shown his backside more than once, but he is so nice to your face that you forget what a witchy little girl he is and you keep voting for him. He just needs spanking and I promise to remind you of this the next time he runs. 

Wilson says she is researching if she legally has to send a clerk to his court and if not, he may have to schlep his own files in the future. Since his court is located halfway across Richmond, Judge Bud may be parking in other “No Parking” zones.

As far as a fight with Wilson, she is generally accepted as one of the most organized and accommodating elected officials. Her office runs like clockwork without the sturm and drang associated with Childers’ courtroom. In a contest of wills, my money is on Wilson although she is usually too nice to fight....dirty.

What Bud forgets is that his courtroom belongs to the taxpayers of Fort Bend County and his salary is paid as such. 

Aren’t you sorry you voted or “I told you so”.......When voters returned to the polls for the run off election Tuesday, they were hit with long delays at some locations if they voted in the primary a month ago. The computer system was down and each voter had to be verified if they voted in the Republican or Democratic primary. The verification entailed a call to the Elections office while someone looked up your voting record.

If you hadn’t voted in the primary and were only now voting in the run-off, it was no problem. You could vote without verification.

The reason I am “I told you soing” is because this was my fear when we went to electonic voting. 

And whose bright idea was it to not stamp your voter registration card with your party or the fact that you voted in the primary like we used to? This took very litte effort and no money. Why discontinue it?

The funny thing about all this is that the Republicans offer a law each legislative session that requires a picture ID to vote. Why don’t we require a paper ballot to make sure our vote can be counted? And why can’t we have a printout at each polling place that verifies who voted where? A photo ID is the least of our worries at this point.

Politics continues to amaze....I just celebrated a birthday (thanks for all the good wishes) that should qualify me for the “Nothing surprises me Club,” but that is not the case. I received an e-mail from some shadowy group claiming that some Missouri City candidate was being opposed by a myriad of groups.

But rather than take the e-mail at face value as did several of my news competitors and run with it, I looked up each organization on the internet. Except for one magazine which was in a foreign language (and alphabet), none of the other organizations had web sites.

Now wouldn’t you think any legitimate organizations worth its dues would have a web site? And wouldn’t you think any political liar would at least appropriate a legit organization to lie about? 

Okay, I’m not too old to be surprised.

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