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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Pretty is as pretty does....Sorry to quote from Forrest Gump and my mother, but you know how all those tea baggers are always hollering about law and order and following the rules and I’ve got mine so to heck with you?

Well, it seems they like to break the law also. I recently received a e-mail asking me to buy raffle tickets to a Brooks and Dunn performance at the Houston Rodeo to benefit the Fort Bend County Tea Party. For each $5 I give to the Fort Bend County Tea Party, I get my name put in a raffle for the rodeo tickets. 

Charitable organizations have raffles all the time, but charitable organizations have to operate under the Texas Occupation Code 2002.052 and they need a 501 3C designation from the IRS  which is a tax exempt certificate that lets them have one raffle a year.

The Fort Bend County Tea Party is no 501 3C animal nor does it have a record with the Texas Secretary of State or even a DBA.  

Texas has rules about gaming that are unique to us.  In most states raffles are no big deal but here, if they chose, the Texas Rangers could get you for illegal gambling--like a poker parlor.    

I know it’s not much. It’s the principle of the thing. You know, that principle they keep hollering about. While that will not get them arrested, it certainly flies in the face of what they profess on their "About Us" page and their Mission Statement.  

Of course, I’m happy about the tea baggers. Now maybe since they have started their own party, they will quit trying to “purify” the Republican party and moderates like us who have a heart will be allowed back in.  I feel about those “tea baggers” the same way the Democrats feel about the “LaRouchers.”

I guess there are members of the Tea Party who don’t know about the nastier connotations about “tea bagging.” I’ve seen some of the most uptight Republican ladies, ladies whose noses always look like they were smelling something nasty, wearing little tea bags for earrings. Can you imagine a grown woman doing something like that, a grown woman who is usually impeccably dressed, Jeannie?

But then if you are not carrying a silly sign, wearing a crazy outfit, and shouting something equally goofy, can you really be called a  tea bagger?

I’ve seen otherwise wise men get on tables and scream, yes scream things at political gatherings, Norm.

It’s embarrassing, especially when you know they have a really high I.Q. I’ve seen this way before tea bagging started. It’s like even then they were idiots looking for an idiotic cause.

I personally think it is sexual repression that makes them do things like that. You can just bet the next time you see an old white guy with a frown wearing a silly T-shirt and carrying a silly sign--he’s not getting his. (If one of your teenagers happen to read this and ask you what I am talking about, I’m talking about “oatmeal.” He's not getting his “oatmeal.”) Yeah, that’s it. Oatmeal.

Any port in a storm.....I also received notice this week that Richard Raymond, erstwhile contender for Fort Bend County District Attorney, along with his running buddy Sheriff Milton Wright,  is endorsing Nina Schaefer in the District Attorney run-off. Please don’t hold it against Nina. Nina will make a fine District Attorney.

John Healey inherited the job of District Attorney years ago when Jack Stern was removed from office. John was sworn in because he had been an assistant District Attorney longer than anyone else. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) There actually may have been someone else serving as long as John at the time, but no one who most likely gave inside information to  torpedo Jack or no one who the powers that be thought had less of a chance of  getting elected. 

John fooled them and has served for the last mumble years. But it’s just time for a change. John needs to learn how to make a living without the taxpayer’s teat.

And to those misogynists who think a woman can’t handle the job, they need only look a few miles up the road to Harris County and Pat Lykos.

Fort Bend County politics; they just keep getting better.....Carol Trujillo, secretary to the Fort Bend County Democratic Party, got confused this March. She voted in the Republican primary. That means she was not able to vote for her best friend, former Democratic County Chair Elaine Bishop.

But there’s a new sheriff in town. Steven Brown beat Elaine Bishop for Democratic County Chair so there will also be a new secretary of the Democratic party.

Used to be only the Republicans were fussing so much and playing musical county chairs. I guess it’s a testament to the resurgence of the Fort Bend Democratic party that they are launching palace coups about as often as the Republicans.

As Elaine Bishop’s last illegal act, she scheduled a secret canvass of the votes and a drawing for positions on the ballot in the April run-off. That’s just not done. The meeting MUST be posted at the courthouse. Before that, she had arbitrarily added precinct chair names to the ballot of people who had not turned in ballot applications.

Good riddance to bad.... You know the drill. Elaine Bishop has been a detriment to the county Democratic party for a long time. She wouldn’t return calls, had no fundraisers, and tried to scuttle anything other Democrats did. I’ve long thought she was a paid Republican operative.  

Next week: The Texas Chainsaw School Board Textbook Committee.

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