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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


I knew you wouldn’t believe me unless I showed you a picture. Yes, Fort Bend Democrats really voted for this woman.

I sometimes lose faith.....I try to believe that the voters ultimately can sniff out the best person to vote for. But then every election, I end up shaking my head. Sometimes I wonder if all Democrats are just stupid. In the Democrat primary this year, voters in District 22, which is currently served by Republican Pete Olson, voted overwhelmingly (62.94%) for Kesha Rogers.

You remember Kesha Rogers. She is the Democrat (?) who stood in front of public buildings all over Fort Bend County with signs that called for the impeachment of Barack Obama. She and her supporters stood in front of the George Memorial Library the night there was a Democrat candidate forum and sang and called for the president’s impeachment.

Now don’t even try to tell me that she won because voters voted straight party. In a party primary, there is no such thing as a “straight party” vote.

And don’t try to tell me that a majority of Fort Bend, southwest Houston, and Clear Lake Democrats, which comprises District 22, favor the impeachment of Barack Obama. 

No, obviously Democrat voters voted for her because she was first on the ballot. They didn’t know her nor did many of them know the other candidates as there was a 23.53% "under vote." The "under vote" is when voters voted in other races and could have voted in that race but didn’t. The computer figures that as well as the vote for the candidates.

The Democrats didn’t have a lock on stupid....The Republican vote put Justice of the Peace Gary Geick and Mary Ward in a run-off. Geick hasn’t served in the office since his first stroke in November, 2009. Then right before the election on March 2, he suffered another stroke on February 24. His first and second strokes were published on the front page of both newspapers that serve the east and west end of Fort Bend County, so voters can’t claim they didn’t know. They knew but just didn’t pay attention and gave Geick the most votes due to name I.D. and the fact he was the first on the ballot. There was also a 15.62% "under vote" in that race. Mary Ward got in the run-off by polling 43 more votes than Bob Thomas, an attorney running for the J.P. position. That "under vote" of 1,257 would have certainly made a difference in the outcome.

But just as surprising was the  over 92-94% “yes” vote that the first four propositions on the Republican ballot received with about a 5% under vote. In other words, just about everyone who voted, went to the bottom of the ballot and voted for the propositions (which are nonbinding). The last proposition, the one about requiring a sonogram for women contemplating an abortion, received a “yes” vote from only 68.91%. 

What was even more surprising to me is the results of the proposition vote in my home town. I’m from a little town in central/west Texas where most people are ranchers/farmers or shopkeepers who sell to rancher/farmers. One would think it is probably the most conservative county in Texas.

I don’t think so. 

Those waste-of-paper, non-binding resolutions only carried about 80%.

Now we know. Fort Bend County is the most conservative county in Texas.

Oh, wait. Montgomery County voted for the propositions 94-96%. Sonograms 72.96%.

Let’s check Collin County. Propositions there carried 90-94% with sonograms getting 64%.

In a casual perusal, I’d say Montgomery County is the most conservative. 

Even knowing the conservative score in Fort Bend....I have to weigh in on the health care argument. 

In the last few days, the President has put health care reform back on the front burner. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it, but I do want to cite an example. 

Ten years ago, I paid 100% of my employees health insurance which had a zero deductible and covered all doctor visits and pharmacy. Over the years, our premiums have risen until now I can only afford to pay half the premiums for our employees, several of whom are on Medicare so I don’t pay at all. Our deductible is now $1,00 and we only cover the actual employee and the employee has to pay for their family. It is a struggle every month for all of us to pay--the company and the employees. Even this year with reform looming on the horizon, our insurance company increased our premium by 15%. So you can see how as a small business, I think we need insurance reform.

And guess who is fighting the health care reform through a particular political party and through lobbyists. You got it. Insurance companies. 

I’ve read that the Bush tax cut on high income filers cost about $3 trillion. If that is the case, that would more than pay for health care reform. I’m not smart enough to know if that is correct and I know how numbers can be manipulated, so I’m still undecided. I just know that something needs to be done.

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