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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Republicans just like to embarrass themselves.....At the last Fort Bend Republican Party meeting of its precinct chairs, there was a resolution to take money from the club’s treasury and donate it to the Tom DeLay Defense Fund. Several Republicans I talked to said they were very unhappy about this because if they wanted to give money to the Tom DeLay Legal Defense Fund they would do so, but money they donated and raised to elect other Republicans should not be funneled over to Tom DeLay’s troubles, which some thought he brought on himself.

Since the precinct captain, John Hoppe, who authored the resolution was not present at the meeting, the resolution was tabled until the next meeting.

Some Republicans have told me that the Fort Bend Republicans should have a fund-raising event so those that wanted to donate to Tom DeLay’s Defense Fund could do so. However, it was mentioned that they didn’t think enough people would attend to make it worthwhile. They felt that was why the group just wanted to take the money out of the existing coffers.

Tom DeLay hooked up with some very questionable people during his time in office--people like Jack Abramoff, who spent time in prison for some of his tactics. Jack did things like pit one Indian tribe against the other for gaming issues, then got his friends in Congress to vote one way or the other, according to who gave the most money.

Tom took several trips paid for by Abramoff and ate at Jack’s restaurant many times. They were BFF until Jack went to jail. Both nasty characters.

A tale of two governors....The governor of Texas, who by the way, does not have collective bargaining rights for state employees, continues to maintain that the $25 BILLION deficit of the state’s budget is not less an emergency than sonograms for abortions, sanctuary cities legislation, and voter ID. Those are the real problems says Gov. Good Hair. Why, he doesn’t even think we should use the state’s Rainy Day fund to help out schools, the poor, or the elderly sick.

Remember that the state of Texas does not have collective bargaining rights for state employees.

But up in Wisconsin, their governor (who also seems to have good hair) is throwing a snot-nosed, foot stomping, hissy fit about his two-year, $3.6 BILLION shortfall that is mostly the results of the governor’s own tax cuts and an economic development plan plus a tax incentive plan to benefit businesses, but not enough to spur hiring.

This guy is a piece of work but Governor Rick Perry, who we just re-elected, makes him look like Ned and the First Reader. Buyer’s remorse, anyone?

Then we have the national budget not only in the headlines but discussed by every TV talking head.

How long is it going to take us to realize the fix for this is as simple as all get out? Pull out of Afghanistan and tax those people who make $15 million in a year.

Neither of these fixes will hurt the economy or take jobs away from people. How smart do you have to be to figure this out?

Of course Republicans don’t want to raise taxes. Nobody wants to raise taxes. But somebody has to pay for all the perks we all get, and that somebody is us. Hell, Ronald Reagan even raised taxes and he is hero of most of you Tea partiers.

Of course, I still contend if you make under $200 thousand a year, you shouldn’t be a Republican. They don’t want you in their party anyway except to vote to mess up everybody else, and you probably just want to be a Republican because you think it makes you look smart, or rich, or white. It doesn’t. It just makes you look not very smart or that you don’t read the papers. It makes you look like you only turn on Fox News, which really isn’t news. It’s simply one of the richest men in America, Australian Rupert Murdoch’s, world view.

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