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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


A grave concern.....You may have read elsewhere in this newspaper a story about the background of district attorney candidate Richard Raymond. Raymond came out of nowhere to run for District Attorney.  He has spent the past several months being squired around by the Fort Bend County sheriff or the sheriff’s chief deputy. 

I am just a little concerned about a sheriff recruiting and running someone for district attorney. On the local level, we have a separation of branches of government, just like we do on a national level. 

The sheriff running someone for district attorney is tantamount to another branch of our criminal justice system running someone for judge. What if the district attorney didn’t like some judge because he felt the judge didn’t give the DA office a more than fair shake. So the DA went out and recruited someone to run for judge. If that judge won, don’t you think that judge would be forever compromised by debt for their job to the DA? Please remember that this is just an example. Our DA is NOT doing something like that.

Our sheriff is.

What concerns me most is that our current sheriff and his chief deputy have tried to have me and my reporter indicted because we wrote some critical stories about the special treatment a prisoner was receiving at the jail--a prisoner who was supposed to be sent to prison.  They were sure we had some official papers we had gotten illegally. Come to find out, the girl who was supposed to be sent to prison was the daughter of a special friend of the sheriff and chief deputy--a friend who had donated large amounts of money to the campaign, a friend who was a convicted felon.

Yeah, something sure stinks in the DA election. 

And when the time comes to elect a new sheriff, we’ll tell you all about this again.

Except for being guilty of letting one of his assistant DAs run out of control and ignoring the warnings from all of his friends and the community at large, current district attorney John Healey is not guilty of ever being influenced to try or not try a particular case.

I’ll admit I’ve had my disagreements with Healey, but as a chronicler of what is going on in Fort Bend, I’ve never felt his actions rose to the level of recruiting someone to run against him. I’ve never felt compelled to recruit someone to run against him. 

I’m supporting Nina Schaefer for DA. I’ve known Nina for years and have always admired the fair way she handles everything. There’s nobody better. I could sing her praises for hours, but I'm just going to repeat what I said about her back in August:

"As an attorney, Nina Schaefer can always be counted on to treat the law with the highest respect and concern. Many times, she has volunteered for those in need of legal services who can't afford it. As a municipal judge, she has been dependable and fair. Nina Schaefer is well liked, organized, and trustworthy. She has a good heart. She would make an excellent District Attorney, a job which requires a leader to be fair, seek justice, and run a professional office. It's time for a change!"

Find out more about Nina at Even though I think it is time for a change in the DA's office, it's not because John Healey has a lack of integrity. It's because he has mismanaged his resources and personnel. 

And another thing..... I’m concerned about the fact that Jeff McMeans thinks he should inherit his father’s bench in the county court at law. The only thing Jeff has ever done is run for the useless joke job of “Inspector of Hides and Animal.”

You may recall an earlier column I did about the fact that Jeff’s father, Walter McMeans, should go ahead and retire as he can barely make it to the courthouse daily. However he would not do so because he knew that commissioners wouldn’t appoint his son. They would appoint someone else who could then run as an incumbent. At the time, I likened the McMeans situation to “Who do they think they are? The Bushes?”

Rick Forlano is the other Republican in the judge’s race in the primary. Rick is a sound family man with strong Republican credentials. He has successfully represented clients in local, state, and federal courts. 

He’s getting my vote.

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