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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


If it ain’t broke......Insiders in Fort Bend County government snicker that “If Andy (Meyers) hasn’t fixed it, it ain’t broke.” They are laughing about Andy’s penchant for tending to everybody’s business and calling it the county commissioners’ business.

Meyers is the Pct. 3 Commissioner who can’t be beat (and many have tried), which just goes to prove that you don’t have to have looks, a personality, or a drop of human kindness to keep getting elected. You only have to have the Spirit of Freedom Republican Women behind you. Andy will rue the day if he ever makes those gals mad.

And they should be mad if they go look at the new annex he has built over close to Katy in Cinco Ranch. It has wood floors and marble countertops. Then Andy has the nerve to talk about “tax and spend” Democrats.

But I digress. His latest endeavor seems to be saving bacon of the subdivision contracts for Sheriff Milton Wright and wannabe sheriff Deputy Craig Brady.

Some of the more wealthier subdivisions which are not in the city limits or official jurisdiction of any city police department, pay extra for police protection. The subdivisions either hire sheriff deputies, who may be called out for duties elsewhere, or constable deputies who are always assigned exclusively to the subdivisions. It doesn’t seem to me it would take many ciphering skills to decide which agency I would want patrolling my subdivision, but then I don’t owe the sheriff anything and he doesn’t intimidate me.

So this extra money that the sheriff’s department or constable department are getting each year is not necessarily lining anyone’s individual pocket; the money goes into the county’s general fund. But having those deputies rolling through the subdivision reminds you of who to vote for. It’s bragging rights!

And in the sheriff’s case, it’s extra budget money to hire more deputies and buy more take home cars since you can use those deputies all over the county and make your numbers look good. For the constables, they can hire more constables, but they are honest about using them exclusively in the assigned neighborhoods. They don’t fudge their budget numbers with the extra subdivision funds.

The Fort Bend Toll Road Authority hired Pct. 4 Deputy Constables to patrol its roads originally three years ago because the sheriffs’ deputies seemed to be AWOL mostly and because Pct. 4 Constable Troy Nehls’ office made such a professional presentation before the board.

Then up jumped the devil and Nehls’ supporters hinted that he might be running for sheriff. Sheriff Milton Wright, wanna be sheriff Deputy Craig Brady, and Commissioner Andy Meyers squealed like little girls. Meyers has made it his goal in life to see the sheriff gets that contract and any others that might be floating around. One wonders if the sheriff has caught Meyers beating his wife because Meyers won’t explain his actions. The terrible trio have even gone so far as to claim that constables are illegal! It was a sad day for law enforcement in Fort Bend County when Deputy Brady was quoted as saying that tickets issued by the constables may not be valid. His political desire seemed to have trumped police ethics and may have even sealed his defeat for sheriff. That and the intimidation tactics the sheriff and his deputy have been using to confront the boards of the various subdivisions to get them to vote their way. And it is still two years away for the sheriff’s race. Oh, my.

Good riddance.....I received a press release that Sugar Land City Councilman Don Olson is not going to run again and will be moving to Austin. Olson has also been the president of First Colony Community Service Association and engineered the vote to spend $11 million of our money to fill in swimming pools and build splash pads that no one wants. Let me get this straight. He has saddled us with a huge debt and now he’s leaving us to figure it out. Typical of a politician who thinks like a mid-level bureaucrat.

A seat at the seat.....I've been hanging out at the Fort Bend courthouse for about a week now. The trial so far has been boring, but oh, some of the other stuff I've noticed!

How come Karen Pearson gets a reserved seat in two judges courtrooms? Judges Cliff Vacek and Jim Shoemake have notes on benches in their courtrooms saying “This spot reserved.”

You may remember Ms. Pearson. I complained about a year ago that a felony case in Vacek’s court (he thankfully recused himself) whereby some guy had cheated her out of almost $500,000. I complained that it should have been a civil case as the guy had emails from Karen wanting her “loan” paid back. He was first arrested in Houston by police accompanied by then Assistant DA Mike Elliott. Pearson handled Elliott’s wife’s political campaign for district clerk as she has handled the two judges mentioned previously.

So now I know why she gets her loan classified as a felony case; she has reserved seats in the judges’ courtrooms. I spell better, hang out with a better class of people, bleach my hair (they call her Ms. Clairol), am mean as a snake, and still don’t have a reserved seat in a courtroom. What do I have to do to have that kind of clout?

Funniest thing heard in Fort Bend.....After FBISD trustee Marilyn Glover, at a school board meeting, threatened to call members of the media out as liars if they misquote her, someone commented on the FortBendNow website: "She will hunt you down and beat you with her rubber stamp."

Sometimes I just have to quote things from other publications. I can't help myself.

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