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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Brain Glitch......I don’t know where my mind was last week when I said that Victor Morales would be running for mayor of Rosenberg. The candidate is VINCENT Morales. Someone around my office once commented that they didn’t know what we were going to do if I went crazy. Someone else said we probably wouldn’t notice it. Do you think they were implying that I already was?

In any event, when current Mayor Joe Gurecky called me to tell me he would not be running, he reminded me of a something I said about him several years ago. According to Joe, we were all standing around at some event at the George Ranch and someone asked me why I never wrote anything bad about Joe. Quick as a wink, he said I claimed, “Because I don’t know how to spell his name.” I don’t remember the incident, but it does sound like something I would say.

Over the years, I’ve learned to spell Joe’s name and over the years I still haven’t written anything critical about him. The main reason for that is that he has been an excellent mayor for Rosenberg, guiding it through some tough economic times when its sales taxes plummeted due to the relocation of a major retailer. He has steered the city through some huge expansions and will leave it poised for future growth. Except for one or two toe stumps along the way, Rosenberg, under Joe Gurecky, has prospered. Now if they can just get through the fight with Gary Gates over water rates.

Oh, the headlines........Dancing Behind the Bars - Oh Tommy Boy, the Jail, the Jail is Calling - Hammer gets the Slammer - Hammer gets Nailed. Fort Bend’s former congressman Tom DeLay was sentenced to prison time and probation with community service at his sentencing hearing Monday in Austin.

I’ve read many news articles about it and for the life of me, I can’t figure out if all the prison time he got for two counts was rolled into the 10 years probations with community service or if he is still going to have to serve at least 3 years in prison plus 10 years probation.

Since he says he is going to appeal the sentencing, I guess he was only able to get the five year sentence rolled into the probation and will still have to serve 3 years. I would think if he got it all reduced to probation, then he would just drop it and forego the expense of appealing. However, being convicted of a felony means he can’t vote or get a passport. So he might be appealing for that reason alone. I predict he will never serve a day in jail.

From all the press accounts I’ve read, a couple of things have emerged that I didn’t previously know. First, Dennis Hastert, DeLay’s only witness, is a bigger idiot than I had imagined, judging from his answers to the prosecution and even the judge. Second, DeLay claimed he had spent $10 million on legal fees, a number I find surprising since there is not a quid pro quo available to his contributors after he resigned his house seat.

But since DeLay turned the U. S. House into a branch of K Street and its lobbyists, perhaps he was collecting for past favors. Believe me, the companies are still collecting profits on the favorable laws Tom steered through the House.

Another surprise, the DeLays, both of them, clutched bibles throughout the testimony. The reason I’m surprised is that is a common ploy of drug dealers and judges have seen it so much before. I’m sure that DeLay’s attorney, Dick DeGuerin, warned him of that, so their bible-clutching must have really come from the heart.

Hasert’s testimony about DeLay’s work with foster children failed to mention that a local foster home, Rio Bend, paid for by corporate contributions and a few individual sponsors during DeLay’s legislative heyday, consists of eight houses which have stood empty for over two years along with its swimming pool, gym, and chapel. This I have considered a sin against God and have threatened to rail about it until I was told that another charitable organization would be taking over. Of course that has been since last summer and the homes still stand empty. I guess charity moves slowly.

About that, I should cut the DeLays some slack since he and Christine did at least try to do something good with corporate contributions. I just don’t know when it went off track unless it was Christine’s insistence that it be run her way even though she had no education or training in any of it.

In any event, I’m sure that Tom DeLay is not evil, just arrogant and ignorant. He can clutch his bible until Armageddon, but karma will get you in the end.

Tom DeLay led the charge to impeach Bill Clinton for having sex in the oval office and lying about it. The sex was never illegal. The lying was.

DeLay abused his power as our congressman in hundreds of ways. That was not illegal, but purposely ignoring the laws of Texas was.

He’s getting his.

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