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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Help! I’m being held captive by the Sugar Land Cultural Arts.......... I have been attending Sugar Land Cultural Arts boot camp for the past month. The other name for this punishment is “play practice.”

That’s right. We’ve been practicing the thespian arts for the past month in preparation for the staging this coming Saturday night of “Operation Sugar Cube.”

All the best names have been there including Sugar Land Councilman Don Smithers, County Commissioner James Patterson, and County Judge Bob Hebert. Former Sugar Land Councilman Dennis Parmer and former Sugar Land Mayor David Wallace have also been there. Current Mayor Jimmie Thompson is too weak a sister so he had to send his better half, Gay Thompson.

The Olsons, Pete and Nancy, are in the play, but so far they have been so-shows. They only have a few lines that they will deliver Saturday night.

The real heroine is Lizz Hartman Sansone. She has the majority of the lines and even has to sing a few lines from an opera. She has surprised everybody, including herself, with her good voice. I’ll bet Liz thinks twice when asked again if she will do something like this. I don’t think she knew what she was getting into.

I know I didn’t.

Easy to be me.....However, I get to play a character much like my own so it’s no real stretch. I’m Mary Lou, the newspaper editor. I really want my name to be something stronger like Blanche or Maude, but so far I’ve had a hard time getting the Nazi general, otherwise known as the author/director, Cornelia Jones-Post, to change my name.

Noel Mascarenhas has a very funny part but then, we’ve seen Noel act and sing before and know what he can do. Chris Breaux was the real surprise. Little did I know he had some ham genes running through those CPA veins of his.

I hope you will all come Saturday night to the Safari for our performance. Tickets are $$100, but they are so worth it!

The funniest line from boot camp: Ray Aguilar who started out with one line, “Good Morning, Sally.” His first question at boot camp, “What’s my motivation?”

I may gripe a lot but it’s been fun. Don Smithers plays the sheriff who wants to look “reel purty,” and decked out with a Stetson and a windbreaker borrowed from the Sheriff, he looks the part. We have been trying to draft him to run for sheriff.

And now for something entirely different.....You may remember that last week I ranted about the fact that some out-of-town businesses come waltzing in and sell advertising to local businesses that do them not one bit of good, mainly because their ad never gets truly circulated. I was particularly mad about the local chamber of commerce which is publishing a “history book.”

No sooner than the ink was dry on my rant than I received a call from the other chamber of commerce in the west end of the county--you know that chamber that does what the other chamber does, just not as classy. It used to be called the Rose-Rich Chamber but now has some easily forgettable name like Central Business Alliance which is a way for them to capitalize on business in all of Fort Bend, not just businesses in the Rosenberg-Richmond area. In other words, they saw the Fort Bend Chamber doing well, and they wanted some of that money.

So anyway, I get a call from someone from another state who wants me to buy an ad on a bulletin board in the Rose-Rich chamber office. There are two different sizes and admittedly this bulletin board will only be seen by people who enter the chamber office. Are they out of their mind!?! It wasn’t very much money but my business card or flyer on that bulletin board certainly wouldn’t get much circulation.

Letters from Louis......Then, the next rattle out of the box I received a very critical e-mail from Louis Garvin, head of the Fort Bend Chamber. I’d print it here but it had a scatological comment in it and I wouldn’t want to embarrass Louis THAT much. It was referring to what I said last week. I would be naive to suppose that Louis wasn’t going to be upset about what I wrote, but what I wrote was an old argument that Louis and I have had over the years. I’ve often told him that the Chamber was the only organization I paid dues to that had its hand in my other pocket. When I wrote what I did, I knew I was going to stir up a storm. I knew I was running the risk of alienating not only both chambers executive heads, but their boards of directors as well.

The Chamber and the “Star” have always been in competition to a certain extent for the same pot of business dollars. The Star provides value in advertising a company’s product and services. The Chambers provides value in giving the business community a framework within which it receives several educational and public relations/networking benefits.

I’ve known Louis Garvin, head of the Fort Bend Chamber, for many years. Before Louis came along, we had several executive directors who lasted a year or two.

Louis took the job and ran with it. There is no harder working person than Louis leading the Fort Bend Chamber, but we will always be at loggerheads about our respective values to the business community. And as long as Louis (and Gail Parker over at the Rose-Rich Chamber) sell advertising, I will always see them as competition and complain when I see them taking advantage of businesses without providing the bang for the bucks. A majority of the things they do are good for the communiity--business and otherwise. But sometimes they get too greedy.

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