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Bev's Burner
Some's Hot, Some's Not 

By B.K. Carter

"Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star, winner of numerous state and national awards. She has been a voice of Fort Bend's largest circulated newspaper for 30 years."


Oh Hell No.....I love Oprah Winfrey. I’ve loved her since she played a sassy character in “The Color Purple.” I’ve drunk innumerable nasty pomegranate martinis. I tried every diet she did. I went on road trips with my best friends. I even thought I was black for a while. I’ll probably watch thousands of hours of OWN programming, and for some time now, my butt is a big as hers and Gayle’s. I’ve read many of her book club selections and appreciate her efforts to keep America reading, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to read “A Tale of Two Cities,” and “Great Expectations” AGAIN. These are Oprah’s latest book club selection, and I read those suckers once in a comparative lit class in college in SUMMER SCHOOL (six weeks, 21 books) and promised myself I’d never do it again. What is she thinking? Doesn’t want to take a chance with new stuff? Trying to give us a classical education?

A one term J.P.........It’s happened before and it looks like it’s going to happen again. Mary Ward, who beat the almost comatose Gary Geick, who should have retired at his first stroke instead of drawing a county paycheck for all these months, was a one term justice of the peace many years ago. Mary, who is prissy even at 71, prissed into the JP office in Richmond and fired the lady, Sarah Boone, that was taking Geick’s place and who had worked for him for many years. She then proceeded to hire Boone’s sister-in-law, Virginia Rosas, retiring Judge Walter McMeans’ court coordinator who was let go by Walter’s son Jeff McMeans who won the judgeship.

I’ve heard that Ward claims she is going to “clean house,” and has made a big start on that by telling some she was hiring a decorator.

FYI: Her Prissiness’ office is in one of the new buildings across the street from the jail. It’s only been open about six months but I guess since Fort Bend is minting money, Miss Mary thinks she has enough in her budget for a redo. She had her sign painted on the door last week before she was sworn in and caused a big commotion because she wanted her name on all the accounts before the swearing in. When that didn’t happen, she prissed across the street and got her special friend Sheriff Milton Wright to issue an emergency order. Yep. One term.

Nasty, nasty.....I didn’t feel much like cooking my traditional Christmas Eve dinner this year. An ad in a Randall’s flyer caught my eye as it advertised a prime rib dinner for 4-5 people for around $70 bucks. I was planning on cooking prime rib anyway.

I should have known food that cheap couldn’t be that good, and my second clue should have been the person taking my order. She eventually had to take my order by my telephone number as she couldn’t seem to understand C-A-R-T-E-R.

Folks, it was the most terrible food I have ever tried to eat. It was nasty even after I put it in pretty bowls and served it with cloth napkins and the good silver. The meat smelled up my car on the way home from Randall’s; the scalloped potatoes were floury and leathery; the corn was tough and smelled; and the green bean casserole was soupy. I’m feeling sort of nauseous just writing about it.

Thank goodness for Lisa’s wedge salad, Michael’s sweet potatoes, and Sherry’s cake or we would have starved to death. The rest we threw away. I promised to take everyone out for Chinese food next Christmas Eve. Be forewarned. Don’t buy Randall’s prime rib dinner expecting to feed 4-5 people. It won’t feed anybody.

Election is over: bodies counted....The FCCA election for board members is over and (finally) counted. The volunteer group calling for changes won two seats and may have even won all three. I can make that claim because, despite repeated requests, no one has been given a list of voters and the number of votes cast for each candidate. We don’t know if votes were counted correctly. I myself find it strange that two of the people being supported by the volunteers (one a write-in) won but the Asian write-in candidate did not win. The reason I find this strange is if Howard Paul got all or most of the votes the two winners did AND got the Asian vote, which he would have, why didn’t he win outright? Seems a reasonable question with as many Asian residents as we have in FCCA.

There is no doubt the rules for the elections must be changed and conducted with transparency. It is my fervent hope the new board members will start that process.

This just in......Rosenberg Mayor Joe Gurecky has informed me he will not run again for mayor in May. However, although I have no official announcement as yet, word is that Victor Morales, well-known Rosenberg businessman will run. Victor's wife is Regina Morales who is currently director of economic development in Sugar Land. The Morales are a well-liked couple, and Rosenberg is lucky Victor is willing to run.

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